Monday, May 21, 2012

I've got sunshine - Yellow Interior Door

on a cloudy day ...
and when its cold outside, 
I've got the month of May.  :) 

Well - it's May and this view was NOT making me happy.
It was so boring. So neutral.
note: don't get me wrong. Neutral can be BEAUTIFUL!!! but THIS -- was NOT beautiful! ;)

So I gave it a quick makeover with some leftover paint! :)
 I love giving a small room an unexpected punch of BRIGHT color --
and the interior side of a door is the perfect place if you ask me! 

So here it is again ...
Now I've got my sunshine on a cloudy day.
Kinda fun, right?

It's been up a week and I just love when guests ask to use the restroom ...
they've all come out and mentioned the awesome yellow door!
You know, just providing a little loo entertainment for ya.
You're welcome. 
I'm here all week! :)

oh and the best part?
The hubs actually liked it!! :)

What's the funkiest thing you've painted?
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  1. We once did my bathroom ceiling in a very bright lime green with the rest of the walls white. It was definitely a punch of color :)

    1. Oh I like the ceiling idea - I'll have to store that away! Unfortunately, this house has the ugly popcorn ceiling!

  2. Love this! Our bathroom needs a facelift. I think it was built for a hobbit - I have to slouch down just to see in the mirror to put my makeup on! But on that list is a door spruce up. Now I want to start thinking about fun colors ;)

    1. :) The homeowners list is never ending -- which is half fun, half frustrating! haha! I love checking your blog for updates -- your house is PERFECTLY adorable! and that town? ah, to die for! But this was the perfect project for me, because all I needed was a sample jar of paint and about 15 minutes!!!

  3. I love this. I'm trying to figure out what to do with the upstairs bathroom. It's the kids' bathroom, but it's also the one that guests use when they're here. That would be a fun way to make it "kid" but not too kid. Brilliant!

    1. My thoughts exactly! This is our guest/kid bathroom too - but it's definitely not "kid-decorated" ... I have a normal shower curtain, art, etc - but Nelson LOVES the yellow door! :) Soon enough I'll have to have a fish bathroom -- so I'm holding out as long as possible! :)

  4. Love this color! I want to use it for our front door. Would you please share the name of the yellow you used?

    Also, your whole blog is fantastic!

    Thank you-


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