Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kitchen Progress!

It's been FIVE weeks since we paid for our counter tops.
and we've been waiting and waiting for install -
but there was an issue with "fabrication" -
aka. they cracked it. :( 
 so we had to wait some more -- 
but FINALLY this week is the week --
the granite will be installed Friday morning!

which meant I had 5 weeks to rip out that pretty pink laminate, 
sand, prime & paint my cabinets -
and install corbels & bead board under the island.

did I use my time wisely?
of course not.
I waited until the LAST minute, 
when they called and said "see you Friday" --
and then I started panicking.
and running around like a crazy person!

Thankfully, our handyman came out last night - and saved us! :) 

We started by ripping up the counters ...
Luckily, they were VERY easy to remove!
We just had to loosen the seams and pop it up! ;)
(that's our handyman, Darren - or "pirate" as Nelson lovingly calls him)
Then we removed the back splash!
That was a little harder since they used about 10 million tubs of glue.
Then it was my turn --
cleaning, sanding & priming!
 (I'll post a much more detailed post on this later)
and cleaning, sanding & priming some more! :)
So this is where we stand today ---
no counters, no back splash, no cabinet doors, no sink & faucet.

The hubs calls this chaos.
I call this beautiful.
beautiful, beautiful change!!!!
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