Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Being a Mom is the best (and hardest) job in the world. ;)
I think maybe every day should be Mother's Day --
actually, scratch that. 
Can you imagine how awful that would be?
 My house would be a wreck - 
my children would be a hot mess -
and we'd all be skinny and starving.
because today -- 
I refused housework. 
and parenting. 
and cooking.
and it was glorious! :)

My day started off pretty wonderful ...
a handsome little sous chef made me breakfast! 
 supervised of course! :)
and then delivered it to me, in bed! :)
Please ignore my elephant sized leg ... I'm not sure how it escaped from the zoo.
I'm just praying it's the angle. Yes, I'm going with that.

Breakfast in bed was followed by church.
Which was followed by lunch with my boys.
Which was followed by some shopping SOLO! 
Yup, just me, myself and I = HEAVEN!
 Shopping was followed by bubbles outside with my boys ...
 which was followed by a yummy dinner, that the hubs cooked.
and then he cleaned.

It was wonderfully simple, wonderfully perfect.
until bedtime -- and then it was a nightmare.
thanks kids - thanks for bringing me back to reality! :)

How was yours Mother's Day?
Any fun traditions that I should steal adopt?
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