Monday, June 25, 2012

10 months.

Holy moly little H --  where has the time gone?
10 months already!?

My sweet little Harrison --
I just love all your facial expressions ...
and how you start grunting and kicking your legs the minute you see food!
I love those thunder thighs ...
and I just adore that toothy little 6-tooth Gremlin grin!
I love how you just LOVE to sit ...
observing and soaking it all in.
THAT you get from your dad.
I love your independence ...
 and your curiosity...
and I love how much you LOVE your daddy ...
I love watching you play with your big brother ...
 I love that your a Momma's Boy.
I love how you always have that finger in your mouth ...
and I love how determined you are to be a "big boy"
but please slow down. You're growing up too fast.
But most of all --
I just love you. 
I'm so blessed to be your mommy.
You have made our little family so perfectly complete.
Love, momma

Oh I love that kid. 
I feel like it goes SO much faster with the second.
I guess it's because you're just SO much busier. ;) 
Well, since time is flying - it looks like I have a birthday to plan! 

You can see pictures from Wild Man's first birthday here. here. and here.

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