Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Food Allergies + ALLERGEEZ: Review + Giveaway

GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED! Thank you for those that participated!

To be honest - until recently, I never thought much about food allergies. Neither my husband or myself have them - nor does our 2 year old .... so when little H broke out in FULL body eczema at 2 weeks old and the doctor said it must be a "food allergy" -- my life changed. I panicked a bit.

Dramatic? Maybe a little. But the reality is, having a child with food allergies can be scary.
As moms we want to protect our babies, all the time. and Unfortunately, we don't always have control and we aren't always there. When allergies are present - accidents can turn in to emergencies very quickly. 

Little H is currently allergic to dairy, bananas and peanuts. UUGGHH the dreaded nut allergy. :( He's also only 9 months old and can't really warn people about his allergies. So every time I left him in the nursery at church or childwatch at the YMCA -- I would worry. I would duct tape tacky "FOOD ALLERGY" stickers to his back. I would check on him one million times. yet still, I never felt 100% at ease.

So I started searching for products to help make people aware of his allergies!

I  wanted two main things in a bracelet:
1. Comfortable -- I didn't want to take it off of him, so I needed it not to bother little H.
2. Practical -- I didn't want something SO cutesy that it didn't serve it's purpose. I wanted it to "warn" people! Create awareness.

That is when I found these ALLERGEEZ bracelets!
and can I just tell you that these bracelets are AMAZING! Seriously! 
The XS fits great on Little H's wrists (again, he's 10 months old) --
and the "charms" are adorably effective!
 The bracelet reminds me of CROCS. The charms slide on similar to the shoe charms. So they are very easy to attach but hard for the kids to pull off! GENIUS! 
Little H doesn't really bother it much ... 
and Wild Man (our two year old) is always trying to "have that bacelet". 
So, it seems that even when Little H is older - he will love wearing it! 

But what's most important is the awareness it brings! Most babies don't walk around with jewelry, so it's always a conversation starter ... It's always there, reminding those around him to keep that deadly peanut butter away from my sweet baby! :)


and guess what?? ALLERGEEZ has very generously offered to give away one of their bracelet kits -- which includes two bracelets (1 small, 1 large) and a pack of the 8 most common allergy charms plus one medical cross! An $18 value!  

Don't have a child with allergies? These would make great gifts and I'm sure you know someone that has an "allergy kid"! So please pass this on to any moms you may know ...

To Enter:
- Like Allergeez on Facebook (Mandatory)
- Come back and leave a comment telling me who you'd give this bracelet to if you won?!

Giveaway Guidelines:
- The winner will be chosen on Tuesday, June 28th
Giveaway is only open to {public} followers of DOPM.

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  1. I would give my bracelet to my 3 year old daughter Kate. About a year and a half ago I gave her a cashew to chew on. She had a bite before so I didn't think 2x about it. Allof a sudden she is vomiting and trying to get it out. As the cashew goes through her body she is an all over hive. Her body was BRIGHT RED with hives. So scary! Now she has an epi-pen that we carry everywhere since our first episode was horrible. I am crazy when I see any tree nuts. You don't want me around because I make people dispose of them. I think the bracelet would make people more aware and take away the stree.

  2. I found your link on Johhny in a Dress' FB page. My daugther has a very severe peanut allergy. Thankfully, we've never had to use the epi-pen, but she's had reactions 3-4 times that we've treated with benedryl. And the last reaction showed early signs of anaphalaxis. So scary! Plus, she starts Kindergarten this year, so this would help (a tiny bit :)).

  3. I like allerbling on fb and I would give thus braclet to my 17 month old girl. She I'd allergic to basically everything and has no way to tell people when she is away from me or her dad. This would be perfect for her.

  4. I love your site, I always read it. I have been keeping up with your trip details and all your ideas since we will be taking a road trip soon with two boys about your boys age. I have loved you insight. Anyway, I also have a son with allergies to nuts, eggs, and milk. It is horrible! I totally hear you. I would use the bracelet for him, I have been searching for something to alert others, these are perfect. Also, just a question but will the give away be on Tuesday the 26th or Thursday the 28th? Oh and one more thing, do you have a recipe you like for your chicken salad? I've been in search of a good one. Thanks! -Brienne

  5. I would give this bracelet to a friend whose little boy has quite a few food and environmental allergies . . . we're all praying that he outgrows them! But until then, we have to keep him safe. He's not quite 2 years old, so it's good to know that bracelets are available for babies.

  6. That's great!! These bracelets are going to be very helpful...


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