Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Home Happy Home

We had a little "Road Trip" change of plans ...
The friends we were planning on visiting in California had a family emergency.
(silent prayers for them!) ---
and we felt that intruding would have been WAY too much for them ...
so we brainstormed -- and decided to head back East.
 They say home is where the heart is, and being a military family, I believe that.
I truly really do.
However, sometimes -- you just need to go home.
to the place that made you, you.

I needed the place that made me, me.
Where is home, home for me?
Well, the prettiest place on earth ....
Beautiful Beaufort, SC.
Oh my heart is just SO happy here!
The scenery, the "culture", the memories ...
It makes my heart smile.
When I'm back in SC, all is right in the world!

We've been enjoying delicious seafood, time with the family and the beach!
Oh how I missed the beach.
(even on stormy, cloudy days)
One thing is for sure ... living in Oklahoma sure makes you appreciate the beach!
I am so enjoying this week with my family!!
(so I may be a little absent on the 'ol blog!)

Oh and I'll share some great tips on travelling with toddlers later this week!
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  1. Seeing these pictures makes me miss the east coast! I'm sad you guys didn't make it out here to visit this time around, but look forward even more so to when you can make it!

  2. Cute family picture! Oh how I wish we lived near a beach! We have to make do with the lake. Can't wait to hear your travel tips. I have a 7 month old daughter and now that she's getting a little older, I'm excited to introduce her to my favorite "hobby" - traveling! But, it's definitely going to be different with a kiddo in tow!


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