Wednesday, June 13, 2012


We're HOME!
We survived the great summer road trip!

Our Route?
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Beaufort, South Carolina (and back)
(with a quick 3 day trip to Myrtle Beach)
Total Travel Time?
 44 hours 
yes --- with TWO kids TWO and UNDER!
(not including bathroom breaks, meals, etc)

We're guessing total time in the car was close to 60 hours.
Umm that's like living IN your car for 2.5 days straight with two babies.
(and a 90 lb dog) 
No thank you. 
It wasn't always EASY.
(actually, it wasn't EVER easy)
and it was a LOT long.
but we did it.
and we did it pretty well, If I do say so myself.

So I thought I'd share some things that worked for us -- things like:
- How we ate healthy (and budget friendly) while on the road!
- How we packed the kids' clothes to make it easy for everyone!
- Activities we packed to keep them entertained in the car
- How we found good deals on hotels and events 

But first I have to go through 891 pictures (Seriously)
unpack the car - do some laundry --
and let my wild children RUN and stretch their legs.

I'll be back later today! :)

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  1. Please do tell soon! I leave on mine on Monday and would love to have the tips!! Going from Fort Bragg, nc to Provo, UT.

    1. WOW! That is a LOONNNG Drive! :) I'll have the posts up everyday this week - so keep checking back!


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