Sunday, June 3, 2012

Outdoor Chalkboard Fun

We all know I LOVE a good chalkboard project. (You can see one of my favorite projects here!) So when I found this old school chalkboard leaning against the back wall at Goodwill , all nice & dusty for only $4.99 -- I literally threw my kids out of the cart and threw this bad boy in. (Don't judge - you would have done the same!)
It was in pretty great shape and it was the PERFECT size for our back patio! I bought a "masonry" drill bit and anchors at Home Depot and then attached to the wall.
It took about 5 minutes! :)

Wild Man LOVES it! He loves to run through the sprinkler, color and then go run again! :)
I plan on painting it soon (of course!)- it needs a fresh coat of chalkboard paint and I want to paint the border either red or orange (to blend in more with the brick) but for now - it's perfect! I also love the location -- it's right near our new patio furniture! So while we're having BBQ's with friends -- Wild Man can color with his friends!
5 minutes of work + $5 = endless hours of outside summer fun!
I love easy projects like this!
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