Friday, June 15, 2012

Road Trip Tips: Packing for Kids

As I've mentioned every day this week -- we just got home from a 12 day Road Trip to the East Coast! Obviously, one of the hardest parts was packing! First of all -- I wasn't sure if we would have the chance to do laundry, so I needed to pack enough clothes for both boys for the entire trip. That meant at least 15 outfits ... because I don't know about yours, but my kids are messy! Like really messy--- especially the self feeding baby! :) Secondly, my husband has NO idea whose clothes are whose ... and since this was MY vacation too, I wanted him to be able to help dress the boys! 

My solution: Gallon Size Ziploc bags from the Dollar Tree. 
I picked up two packs - each pack had 16 bags! Perfect!
I then took a permanent marker and put an H or N in each corner.
That was for my husband -- so he knew which clothes belonged to which boy! 

Then the fun began! I picked out 16 adorable outfits for each child and placed them in a bag! I have boys, so we don't have fun, matching "accessories" - and my kids are CROCS kids. so we don't have socks but you could definitely add those to the bag as well. 
I then contemplated how to "store" the bags. I knew that we would be in and out of houses and hotels, so I needed my "method" to be portable and easy to access. I just grabbed two storage totes that I had and filled each one with the boys' clothes! 
It worked really well for what I needed -- portable, easy access.
However, if I were going somewhere where I would be for the entire time ... I think I would just pack them in a normal suitcase and then unpack them into a drawer when I arrived. 

Right now my kids don't have any opinions about what they wear ... but I could imagine that this method would work really well if you had older kids that want to pick out their clothes. They could simply pick which bag of pre-matched clothes! :)

Once my husband got over the fact that I had "wasted" all those ziploc bags, he really loved the system and found it very easy to get the boys dressed in the morning!

Moral of the Story -- I'll definitely pack this way again!
What packing tips do you have to share? :) 
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