Monday, July 30, 2012

Mustache Birthday Bash

My husband is dying to grow a mustache.
Seriously -- every time he shaves. he leaves the 'stache and asks what I think  --
But I continue to put an ax in that mustache plan ... 
it's just not a good look for him.
and that is saying it nicely! ;)

But a Mustache Birthday Bash --
Now that sounded like the perfect theme for his birthday!

The color scheme was a combination of yellows and oranges --
why you ask?
It was his golden birthday (27 on the 27th!)
and it just seemed perfect! :) 

Any good Mustache Bash must have MUSTACHES --(duh!)
and since most of us aren't regular Don Juans with a hairy upper lip ... 
I provided some!
 "Don't be caught in Public with a NAKED upper lip"
Mustaches were bough here.

There were also personalized Mustache water bottle labels!
Tutorial coming soon!

 and Mustache Mason Jars!
 Tutorial coming soon!

and yellow Sombrero Straws!
Cinco de Mayo clearance at the Hobster.

with serve yourself Mustache Margaritas (plus salt and limes).
 Recipe coming soon, they were delish!

You can't forget a big birthday sign -- 
and what could be cuter than Pennant Flags AND mustaches?! :)
but my personal favorite was "Pin the mustache on the Donkey".
(even the grumpy, cigar smoking men played!)

 The menu was simple. and delicious. 
with a Fiesta Theme, obviously.
hey, we're just keeping it all Rico Suave around here.

 For appetizers, we served 7 Layer Dip, a variety of Salsa and Black Bean Mango Dip.
 The main course was a build your own Taco Bar.
 Salsa Shredded Chicken & Ropa Vieja (cuban shredded beef).
Plus all the "fixins" you could think of - 
Sour Cream, Guacamole, Tomatoes Shredded Cheese, Cilantro etc.

For dessert there was an ugly Mustache Cake.
with a cute Pennant birthday Banner that I made.
See that bakers twine? It was a DIY! (yes, really!!)
Tutorial coming soon!

and last but not least, there was a fun DIY Photo Booth!
  but more on that this week! :) 

The party was SOO much fun!
I literally just stuck a vinyl Mustache on everything.
(including the dog. and the baby)

So what do you think?
Too many mustaches?
There is no such thing! ;)

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Toddler Fun: Paper Roll Painting

 Wild Man wanted to paint --
as in RIGHT.THAT.MOMENT.He wouldn't take no for an answer, NOW.
and of course, I couldn't find any paint brushes. anywhere.
Let's just say there were tears.
and flopping on the ground like a whale.
and more tears.
So I did what any mom would do -- I used what I had in my hands.
Yes, I was emptying the trash cans --
and I had a toilet paper roll in my hand! ;)

and with a few cuts, it instantly became an amazing paintbrush!
Mama's trash is a toddler's treasure, right?
It was PERFECT for his little toddler hands!
Wild Man loved it --
we'll definitely be doing this again!
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Preppy Tip: Keep a clean Paint Tray

Line your paint tray with aluminum foil to keep it clean!
When you're done, just toss it in the trash -
and you have a perfectly clean paint tray, ready for the next time!

Need to oragnize all those half full paint cans?
Check out this tutorial here.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

A hot mess + I'm still here!

I apologize for the lack of posts over the weekend ...
I'm currently a hot mess.
I have one million things to do and no energy!
 (if only I could siphon my children's energy)

Wild Man had a sleep study this weekend - -
and that one night with ZERO sleep has really thrown me off!
but hopefuly we'll have some answers to his sleeplessness soon!
(fingers and toes! crossed!)

But this is where I stand right now .... 
My house is a disaster. times one million.
I have at least six loads of laundry to wash.
and another four to fold.
my laundry room is only 1/3 of the way painted -
and I am in NO way ready for a new week.

A week that involves a NEW routine.
Yes, for the first time all summer we are done traveling for a bit.
and I desperately need my schedule back.
I'm a scheduled mama - it keeps me sane.
So I'm back to scheduled workouts, playdates & naptime.
I'll let you know how that works out.
because I have a feeling my kiddos have a different idea. ;)

How was YOUR weekend?!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Art for Archer

The military community is small - 
and strong. 
You're constantly moving and your husbands are constantly deploying ...
 your friends become your family, away from family.
We stick together. 

So when a friend of a friend recently posted that she needed our help for a Charity Arts & Crafts Auction -- I knew I had to do something! (and I know that you'll want to help too!) You see, her son was recently diagnosed with a terrible genetic disease called Peroxisomal Biogenesis Disorder. "PBD's are rare, genetic, metabolic, and fatal disorders that affect all body systems." You can read more about Archer's heartbreaking story here.

I can't even begin to imagine the heartbreak she must be experiencing! But I just LOVE that she's funneling her sadness into something wonderful.
On October 20th, she's holding an Art for Archer event in order to raise money for those sweet PBD children! She writes, "Finding creative outlets to channel my heartache has been essential to me.  AFA will showcase some of my photos, crocheted items, and jewelry, as well as that of my children. Through the process of taking photos, or crocheting a hat, or beading a bracelet, I have found a way to do something for Archer. In a way, I feel I can turn an ugly disorder and heartache into something beautiful. Maybe it will become a felted flower for a little girl's headband, or a photo of a perfectly white pigeon glued to a note card. But however it changes, I can make it beautiful for him and for the other children that share his disorder. I can do something. I am asking that you do something too."

Please read more about the event (and their story) here.

I'm planning on sending a big box of homemade goodies to donate -- and my prayer is that you'll send something too! Maybe you're a very talented photographer? Maybe you LOVE to make all things with ruffles, but you only have boys!? (oh wait - that's me!!) Maybe you sew aprons, or tote bags or decorate adorable onesies?! Maybe you paint? Whatever it is - I hope you'll whip up something and throw it in the mail! Just ONE thing has the power to make a huge difference for this sweet family and others affected by this terrible disease!

 Do you have any questions? Want to donate?
Leave a comment below!
Or you can email Ashley directly --
or check out their Facebook page here.

So, what are you going to make???
If you choose to help, I'd love to know! 

Fine Print: Proceeds will be donated to the Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders. The GFPD will send you a receipt for your donation if requested.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1st Birthday Debate: I need your help!

Little H's 1st birthday is coming up!
(ahhh! How is he ONE!?)
and why have I not lost the baby weight??? 
(as I eat another Reese's)

Anyways --  I've decided on the color scheme ...
and the "theme"...
and purchased almost ALL the directions/supplies --
But I'm still very undecided on three things ...

1. The location
2. The Time
3. The menu

So that's why I need you! 
Will you pretty pretty please answer these three poll questions VERY honestly! And if you have anything else you think would be helpful, I'd love to hear your comments at the end of this post! 

Also, keep in mind it will be August in OKLAHOMA.
AKA = Freakin' Hot!
and while I don't want to spill all the beans on the decided theme --
it will be outside.
and it will involve lawn games.
and picnic blankets.
and the color red.

So here goes ...
Where would you want to celebrate an August Birthday? free polls
What food should be served? free polls 
What time would be best? free polls
Thanks so much for your help!

p.s. Dear Pinterest -- Party planning was WAY easier before you gave me 10 million GREAT ideas to debate between. I'm way too indecisive for this.
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Pin It!

Have you noticed this new little guy at the end of my recent posts?

Yup -- We're getting fancy around these parts!
First a new facebook page.
Now a "Pin it" button :)
What's next?
A new blog design, perhaps!?
Why yes, how'd you know!? ;)

But back to this little guy --

It makes it super easy to repin a project you love -- directly from the blog post! 
I'm so excited!

You can also follow me on Pinterest here.
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY Console Table + Tutorial

We had this big empty wall in between our "entry way" and kitchen walk through, off of the living room. I had three maps hanging (more on that later) but it needed something else. Something to "balance" the big 'ol space below! This is what I came up with ....

Here is BEFORE:
Here is the AFTER!

 I love the rustic feel of the table and I LOVE all the space & function it added!

Space on top for photo albums & keys ...
and a lot of space below for blankets, pillows, etc.
I made this table in less than 2 hours, paint included, with scraps from my backyard! :)
 You can do this too. :)
It's easy! I promise!
Note: My table is HUGE! Long and Narrow. It's FIVE feet long. Most people probably won't need an "entry way" table that long... so you use whatever measurements work for you! Mine is also 38" tall but only 12" wide. I used 1x3's for legs and 1x6's for the sides and top. I used a Mitre Saw (but you could even use a jigsaw or circular saw or have Home Depot do all your cuts!) and a drill - and a lot of Gorilla Wood Glue!
First you'll want to build a rectangle. You'll want to make it 2-4 inches shorter and narrower than you want your final table to be, to account for overhang of the top pieces. Does that make sense?
 I added corner brackets for strength. I have rowdy boys in my house. :)
 Ok so this is where I quit taking pictures because I was building by myself and trying to finish before the boys woke up from their naps! :) But I'll try my best to explain ... and hopefully, the pictures will help! 
You'll want to attach the 1x3 legs to each end. Make sure it's flush. 

I used gorilla glue and screws, again - just to be safe!
Then you'll want to cut another 1x6 to fit the space in between the 1x3 legs. 
(5 feet table length minus the 5 inches from legs on each side)
*1x3's are really like 2.5 inches, times two = 5 inches.
See how it's now TWO 1x6's attached together? I didn't attach an extra 1x6 on the back, because no one would see it and it was plenty stable without.
Then I stained the three boards for the top!
I cut them long enough to have 2.5 inch overhang on each side and a 2 inch overhang on the front. 
and then I just screwed from the top into the base ... I didn't mind that you would see the screws, since I was going for the rustic vibe. But if you are worried about that, I'm sure you could go from underneath.
So there it is! :)
A really simple, sturdy console table!
What do you think?
Any questions? Is something unclear?
Do you think you'll give it a try??!

I'm linking up here. and here.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Splish Splash Bash: Fun Stations

It's been awhile since I've shared more pictures of the Sprinkler Bash!
 So here are the deets on the the Sprinkler Party Stations!
You definitely don't need these stations to have a fun party --
a simple sprinkler would be plenty!
However, we had kids ranging in age from 9 months to 6 years - 
so I wanted to provide something for everyone! :)

The DIY Slip N Slide was AWESOME!
(Check out Tutorial here)
DIY PVC Pipe Car Wash
(Tutorial coming soon!)

Besides the Sprinkler and Slip N Slide and DIY Sprinkler -

the dinosaur dig was the most popular!
(Sandbox filled with dinosaurs & shovels)
$12 Portable Sandbox Idea here.
Tutorial for "Sensory table" coming soon!

We also had the Sea Urchin Scuba Dive ...

which all the babies loved! :)
(Pool with Little Tikes Slide and Squishy Balls from the Target Dollar Aisle)

I created a Cabana Club for the kiddos to relax in the shade and enjoy their snack!

There was a "Lifeguard Station", which the older ones loved.

 $1 Squirt Bottles from the Dollar Store are better than any water guns! :)

There was ice painting!
 (Tutorial coming soon!)
and last but certainly not least -- there was the baby beach!
which included a "Water Tub" and Sensory Blob.
Tutorial for the Sensory Blob coming soon! ;)

Want more sprinkler party ideas?
Check out Food Ideas here.
and the HOW to throw the perfect Sprinkler Party here.

*As always, if you liked this - I'd love for you to pin it or share it with your friends!*
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