Monday, July 9, 2012

$12 Portable Sandbox

Playing in the sandbox is a childhood MUST.
Kids LOVE a sandbox.
There is just one small problem.
I hate sand.  I hate the mess. :)
and the thought of my child sitting in a sandbox, all sweaty and covered in sand makes me cringe!
mean mom? I know. I know.
But mommy guilt got the best of me ...
and I didn't want my kids to miss out. ;)
So I decided I could live with a small, portable sandbox that had a LID.
(to keep all those nasty kitties out of my litterbox sandbox.)
and one that my kids couldn't actually sit in.
(Not that they won't try!)

I bought a tub with a lid ($8) and a bag of play sand ($4) at Lowe's.
 I filled it with dinosaurs and shovels from the Dollar aisle,
 and set it on one of Wild Man's table, so it was the perfect height.
he LOVES it.
and I love that its relatively mess free! :)

He loved searching for the Dinosaurs.
He loved shoveling the sand and filing buckets.
It was great.
All the wonderfulness of a sandbox.
Without all the mess.
and when he's done?
I just put the lid on and stack it in the corner until another day!
 It was also a HUGE hit with all the kids at the Sprinkler Party!
Check it out here.
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