Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1st Birthday Debate: I need your help!

Little H's 1st birthday is coming up!
(ahhh! How is he ONE!?)
and why have I not lost the baby weight??? 
(as I eat another Reese's)

Anyways --  I've decided on the color scheme ...
and the "theme"...
and purchased almost ALL the directions/supplies --
But I'm still very undecided on three things ...

1. The location
2. The Time
3. The menu

So that's why I need you! 
Will you pretty pretty please answer these three poll questions VERY honestly! And if you have anything else you think would be helpful, I'd love to hear your comments at the end of this post! 

Also, keep in mind it will be August in OKLAHOMA.
AKA = Freakin' Hot!
and while I don't want to spill all the beans on the decided theme --
it will be outside.
and it will involve lawn games.
and picnic blankets.
and the color red.

So here goes ...
Where would you want to celebrate an August Birthday?
pollcode.com free polls
What food should be served?
pollcode.com free polls 
What time would be best?
pollcode.com free polls
Thanks so much for your help!

p.s. Dear Pinterest -- Party planning was WAY easier before you gave me 10 million GREAT ideas to debate between. I'm way too indecisive for this.
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