Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY Console Table + Tutorial

We had this big empty wall in between our "entry way" and kitchen walk through, off of the living room. I had three maps hanging (more on that later) but it needed something else. Something to "balance" the big 'ol space below! This is what I came up with ....

Here is BEFORE:
Here is the AFTER!

 I love the rustic feel of the table and I LOVE all the space & function it added!

Space on top for photo albums & keys ...
and a lot of space below for blankets, pillows, etc.
I made this table in less than 2 hours, paint included, with scraps from my backyard! :)
 You can do this too. :)
It's easy! I promise!
Note: My table is HUGE! Long and Narrow. It's FIVE feet long. Most people probably won't need an "entry way" table that long... so you use whatever measurements work for you! Mine is also 38" tall but only 12" wide. I used 1x3's for legs and 1x6's for the sides and top. I used a Mitre Saw (but you could even use a jigsaw or circular saw or have Home Depot do all your cuts!) and a drill - and a lot of Gorilla Wood Glue!
First you'll want to build a rectangle. You'll want to make it 2-4 inches shorter and narrower than you want your final table to be, to account for overhang of the top pieces. Does that make sense?
 I added corner brackets for strength. I have rowdy boys in my house. :)
 Ok so this is where I quit taking pictures because I was building by myself and trying to finish before the boys woke up from their naps! :) But I'll try my best to explain ... and hopefully, the pictures will help! 
You'll want to attach the 1x3 legs to each end. Make sure it's flush. 

I used gorilla glue and screws, again - just to be safe!
Then you'll want to cut another 1x6 to fit the space in between the 1x3 legs. 
(5 feet table length minus the 5 inches from legs on each side)
*1x3's are really like 2.5 inches, times two = 5 inches.
See how it's now TWO 1x6's attached together? I didn't attach an extra 1x6 on the back, because no one would see it and it was plenty stable without.
Then I stained the three boards for the top!
I cut them long enough to have 2.5 inch overhang on each side and a 2 inch overhang on the front. 
and then I just screwed from the top into the base ... I didn't mind that you would see the screws, since I was going for the rustic vibe. But if you are worried about that, I'm sure you could go from underneath.
So there it is! :)
A really simple, sturdy console table!
What do you think?
Any questions? Is something unclear?
Do you think you'll give it a try??!

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  1. Very impressed! We need something like this in our sunroom, so I might have to give it a try. I'll let you know how it goes :)

  2. Great job! it certainly fills the space nicely and functional too!

  3. Wow!! That looks great!

    I love how it changes the space and fills it in. I want something similar but more along the lines of a bench because we have a coat rack in the entry way and I'm afraid a table would be to high.

  4. You are amazing sweet friend! This console turned out AWESOME!!! Please let me know next time you come to SC! We MUST get together again! xoxo! Oh yea and thank you so much for linking up to Pretty Things Thursday! I can't wait to see what you share next week!

    Natalie from Johnny In A Dress!

  5. Awesome table! YOu know what else is awesome? That vintage metal locker basket! Been dying to get my hands on one of those! thanks so much for linking up to our very first PTT party! Hope you will be back next week!

  6. Hmmm. That does look do-able. I need a desk for my sons room and this might be something to look into. I would have to have Home Depot cut for me as I'm not to be trusted with power tools (lol!). Thank you for the idea!

  7. Ahhh I love this! I spent all day searching the web for a simple DIY for a console table and this is perfect! And I love the two toned look! I saw your feature on House of Hepworth's and now I'm your newest follower! =)

  8. I am building one this weekend. We took down our old deck and I have LOTS of rustic wood. Thanks for posting this, Yours is so cute, I am inspired.

  9. Amazing!!!
    My husband is so making one of these for the foyer...he just doesn't know it yet!

  10. Just made this last weekend and for some reason my 1x3 legs have a "bowed" inward appearance. Everything is flush.. any ideas where I went wrong? Thank you!

  11. What were the overall dimensions of the table? I'm looking to make a narrow one.

  12. Thank you SO much for this tutorial! I have been wanting to build a table for awhile now but had NEVER built anything in my life before! So this weekend I finally did it thanks to your tutorial! Check it out!

  13. looks cute. I plan on using stair balusters (sp?) as legs instead. They are easily available at Home Depot.

  14. Love the blue paint! Do you know the name/brand?


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