Monday, July 30, 2012

Mustache Birthday Bash

My husband is dying to grow a mustache.
Seriously -- every time he shaves. he leaves the 'stache and asks what I think  --
But I continue to put an ax in that mustache plan ... 
it's just not a good look for him.
and that is saying it nicely! ;)

But a Mustache Birthday Bash --
Now that sounded like the perfect theme for his birthday!

The color scheme was a combination of yellows and oranges --
why you ask?
It was his golden birthday (27 on the 27th!)
and it just seemed perfect! :) 

Any good Mustache Bash must have MUSTACHES --(duh!)
and since most of us aren't regular Don Juans with a hairy upper lip ... 
I provided some!
 "Don't be caught in Public with a NAKED upper lip"
Mustaches were bough here.

There were also personalized Mustache water bottle labels!
Tutorial coming soon!

 and Mustache Mason Jars!
 Tutorial coming soon!

and yellow Sombrero Straws!
Cinco de Mayo clearance at the Hobster.

with serve yourself Mustache Margaritas (plus salt and limes).
 Recipe coming soon, they were delish!

You can't forget a big birthday sign -- 
and what could be cuter than Pennant Flags AND mustaches?! :)
but my personal favorite was "Pin the mustache on the Donkey".
(even the grumpy, cigar smoking men played!)

 The menu was simple. and delicious. 
with a Fiesta Theme, obviously.
hey, we're just keeping it all Rico Suave around here.

 For appetizers, we served 7 Layer Dip, a variety of Salsa and Black Bean Mango Dip.
 The main course was a build your own Taco Bar.
 Salsa Shredded Chicken & Ropa Vieja (cuban shredded beef).
Plus all the "fixins" you could think of - 
Sour Cream, Guacamole, Tomatoes Shredded Cheese, Cilantro etc.

For dessert there was an ugly Mustache Cake.
with a cute Pennant birthday Banner that I made.
See that bakers twine? It was a DIY! (yes, really!!)
Tutorial coming soon!

and last but not least, there was a fun DIY Photo Booth!
  but more on that this week! :) 

The party was SOO much fun!
I literally just stuck a vinyl Mustache on everything.
(including the dog. and the baby)

So what do you think?
Too many mustaches?
There is no such thing! ;)

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  1. Such a CUTE idea! I'm sure your hubby loved it!
    -Mrs Major Hoff

  2. This turned out SO cute, Whit!

  3. This is the theme for my sister's baby shower. Such cute ideas!


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