Friday, August 31, 2012

Bake it: Marshmallow Pops

 I showed you the Dessert Bar from H's first birthday last week! 
and you may have noticed the cute Marshmallow pops -
well, they were SO simple to make, 
so I thought I'd show you how! :)

I'll show you two different ways -
Half coated marshmallows with the stick on the top
Full coated marshmallows with the stick on the bottom 

Candy Melts
lollipop Sticks
Shortening (not pictured)
Foam Block or plate (to hold the completed ones)

1. Melt your chocolate {I always add a little shortening to make it more runny!}
 2. First dip your lollipop stick in the chocolate and then in the marshmallow. 
 While you're waiting for those to "harden", set up your "Decorating Station"!
Marshmallows on a stick, Chocolate, Sprinkles, Empty Plate.
The chocolate hardens fast, so the more efficient your "set up", the better!
 4. Now dip your marshmallow in the melted candy melts
(I only did half the marshmallow this time - Less chocolate for kids = happy mommas.)
 5. Then cover the marshmallow in sprinkles!
 That's it! Just set them on the pate and serve!

 If you don't like the look of half being "exposed" - you can coat the whole marshmallow.
 The easiest way (I think) is to just slap a LOT of chocolate on with a spoon!
 and then just knock it against the side of the bowl until it looks smooth! 

Then add your sprinkles -
and place them in a foam block to display! 

That's it! 
Enjoy! ;) 
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Brothers.

These two, they LOVE each other.
and they LOVE visits to the fire station!

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Saturday, August 25, 2012


My sweet, sweet baby boy --
I can't believe you are ONE.

Has it really been ONE YEAR since your first bath?
or those first cries?

Has it really been ONE YEAR since that first night in the hospital?
One year since the day you first met your older brother?
One year since we first became a family of four?
 Has it really been ONE YEAR since I first kissed those wrinkly little toes ...
 and those tiny little fingers?

Has it really been ONE YEAR since that long week in the NICU?
 Those "sterilized" visits ..
and pumping every two hours?
Has it really been 50 weeks since we were able to break you free of those NICU chains?
to bring you home!!!
where we put you in YOUR crib for the first time?

My sweet, sweet Harrison it has been such a WONDERFUL year.
A wonderful year that went by WAY too quickly!

You are so wonderful. So funny. So snugly.
So smart and so mischievous.
and you're growing up WAY too quickly!
but I can't wait to see what the next year brings! ;)

I love you forever my sweet, sweet boy!

I am so blessed to be your Momma! :)
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Nautical First Birthday: Dessert Bar

I had so much fun setting up this Dessert Bar for Little H's first birthday!
 Thankfully, Wild Man's nursery was "nautical themed" -
 so I had all the decorations on hand!
 After three failed cake attempts, I bought one for $8. Don't Judge.
 I just added a cute Fabric Pennant Banner (that I made)
and an AHOY sign ($1, Michaels) that I painted blue!
As good as homemade! ;)
 Cracker Jacks, Brownies, Marshmallow Pops, Swedish Fish and Peppermint Sticks made for a fun and tasty compilation! :) 

The weather ended up being so beautiful we moved everything outside.
and threw in a "Build your own Sundae bar".
 Nothing fancy - but SO delicious!

Next up: The food menu! :)

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Birthday Boy Banner: A year in Pictures

 This weekend we celebrated Little H's First Birthday!
{one week early because of my husband's deployment schedule!}
We went all out and had SO much fun!
I'll be sharing a lot of the party details this week --
but I thought I'd start with my favorite first!

The Birthday Boy Banner: A year in pictures!
See it hanging there on the fireplace?

warning: if you make this, you'll probably shed a tear because your BABY is ONE!!!
Don't I say I didn't warn you. ;)

 Here's a close-up!
It's SO simple to make -
 you need ribbon, mini-clothespins (Michaels) and 12 of your favorite pictures! 
I added little numbers to coordinate with the months, but that's totally optional!
This banner is such a wonderful reminder of a wonderful fist year!!
A wonderful year that went by WAY too quickly ... tear. 

I made a similar one for Monkey Man's 1st Birthday --
 you can read more on that here.
But with his, instead of numbers, I used the months and regular sized clothespins!
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Toddler Fun: Make your own Bubble Wand.

I know that we have ten thousand bubble wands ...
the question is, where?
So yesterday when Wild Man wanted to blow bubbles --
I had to improvise.
(we're good at that around here -- remember the toilet paper art?)

We made our own bubble wand with things laying around the house!
(well, with things in my craft room)

You just need some 18 guage wire and a popsicle stick!

Wrap the wire around the popsicle stick and that's it!
Oh and some dirt filled bubbles, obviously! ;)

We had so much fun bending the wire to make different shapes!
 It made REALLY big bubbles and Wild Man LOVED that!
and becuase we also didn't have bubbles --
{I know, what kind of mom am I?}
a DIY bubble recipe coming later this week!

I've heard you can also use pipe cleaners to make a wand --
what have you used to make an awesome bubble wand?
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