Friday, August 31, 2012

Bake it: Marshmallow Pops

 I showed you the Dessert Bar from H's first birthday last week! 
and you may have noticed the cute Marshmallow pops -
well, they were SO simple to make, 
so I thought I'd show you how! :)

I'll show you two different ways -
Half coated marshmallows with the stick on the top
Full coated marshmallows with the stick on the bottom 

Candy Melts
lollipop Sticks
Shortening (not pictured)
Foam Block or plate (to hold the completed ones)

1. Melt your chocolate {I always add a little shortening to make it more runny!}
 2. First dip your lollipop stick in the chocolate and then in the marshmallow. 
 While you're waiting for those to "harden", set up your "Decorating Station"!
Marshmallows on a stick, Chocolate, Sprinkles, Empty Plate.
The chocolate hardens fast, so the more efficient your "set up", the better!
 4. Now dip your marshmallow in the melted candy melts
(I only did half the marshmallow this time - Less chocolate for kids = happy mommas.)
 5. Then cover the marshmallow in sprinkles!
 That's it! Just set them on the pate and serve!

 If you don't like the look of half being "exposed" - you can coat the whole marshmallow.
 The easiest way (I think) is to just slap a LOT of chocolate on with a spoon!
 and then just knock it against the side of the bowl until it looks smooth! 

Then add your sprinkles -
and place them in a foam block to display! 

That's it! 
Enjoy! ;) 
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