Friday, August 3, 2012

Bathroom Makeover on a $100 Budget

This is what the guest bath looked like the day we moved in ...
You can't see it, but there was a TON of faux foliage --
An UGLY light fixture from 1992.
and horrible wood tone.

Livable? Yes. 
Attractive? If you're 90 years old.

So I was DETERMINED to give it a fresh makeover --
for less than $100.00

Obviously the tile is TERRIBLE.
(when was pink tile and brown grout EVER in? ugh!)
but new floor is not in the budget yet - maybe next year!
We're still recovering from our kitchen makeover, haha!

Thankfully the counters are livable.
Fancy? Not a chance.
but at least they are neutral! :) and clean!

So are you ready?
Here's the new guest bathroom!!
Ahhh - so fresh and so clean, clean!

This bathroom is SO hard to photograph --
it's our "tornado shelter" because it's in the dead CENTER of the house.
Meaning no windows, no natural light.
So even if the pictures don't do it justice, let's just say --
this room is SOOOOO much better!
We painted the walls a gorgeous light grey.
(Behr Morning Mist)
and gave the door a fun pop of color!
 I made the "wash, brush, floss, flush, repeat" sign.
(anyone interested in a tutorial?)
 Decorating a bathroom is hard for me ... but this little horse made the cut! :)
which is funny because I hate riding horses. :)

 so long ugly wood grain, hellloooooo pretty white!
Oh happy happy day!
P.S. These .49 peel and stick tiles make a HUGE difference under the sink! :)

So let's see how I did ....
Cabinet Paint - $10 oops paint (Benjamin Moore, Navjo White)
Primer (Quart) - $10
Cynthia Rawley, Shower Curtain - $15 (TJMAXX)
Hardware - $10 (from ebay, ordered in bulk for kitchen) 
Artwork & Decorations - shopped around the house! :) I dibn't buy anything new.
Yellow door paint - Leftover from Nelson's dresser
Wall Paint - $0 (already had from kitchen, but would have been $26)
Bath Rug - $7.99 (Garden Ridge)
Light Fixture - $40 (Overstock)
Peel & Stick Tiles - $6 (Lowes)
TOTAL - $99.00

WHOOP WHOOP! I did it! $100!
and just because everyone loves a good before and after ...
So what do you think?
Think it was worth $100? :)

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  1. Awesome job, Whitney!

    P.S. I'm jealous that you have a Garden Ridge.

  2. Thanks girl! and I know!! LOVE that store! I had never heard of it until I moved here ... For the budget's sake - I try to stay clear!

  3. What a difference....and such a beautiful job! Took all the darkness away from the room and really lightened it up! The yellow door is such a fresh look!

  4. Love the yellow pop on the door! Great job!


  5. I love this! And I would totally be interested in a tutorial of the cute sign!

  6. This looks so good! Love the yellow and gray. You've inspired me to paint a door...I'm thinking our linen closet :)

  7. I love this!!!! I love that yellow door and all for $100, great job!

  8. This looks amazing. I love the colors, especially the yellow. I can't believe you did it all for $100. Want to come do my bathroom too? :)

  9. Beautiful, I LOVE the yellow "pop" of color you gave this room. Great job! Thanks for linking up to our "Pretty Things" party! Hope to see you back here next week.

  10. i love that bright yellow door! That just has to put you in the right mood first thing in the morning :)

  11. Great makeover! Your bathroom is adorable!

  12. Rachel ( 4, 2012 at 4:46 PM

    I would LOVE to know how you made that sign....that's what I'm wanting to make for my boys' bathroom. TUTORIAL??!?! Please?!? :)


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