Monday, August 20, 2012

Birthday Boy Banner: A year in Pictures

 This weekend we celebrated Little H's First Birthday!
{one week early because of my husband's deployment schedule!}
We went all out and had SO much fun!
I'll be sharing a lot of the party details this week --
but I thought I'd start with my favorite first!

The Birthday Boy Banner: A year in pictures!
See it hanging there on the fireplace?

warning: if you make this, you'll probably shed a tear because your BABY is ONE!!!
Don't I say I didn't warn you. ;)

 Here's a close-up!
It's SO simple to make -
 you need ribbon, mini-clothespins (Michaels) and 12 of your favorite pictures! 
I added little numbers to coordinate with the months, but that's totally optional!
This banner is such a wonderful reminder of a wonderful fist year!!
A wonderful year that went by WAY too quickly ... tear. 

I made a similar one for Monkey Man's 1st Birthday --
 you can read more on that here.
But with his, instead of numbers, I used the months and regular sized clothespins!
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  1. Cute banner! I have seen those before (Pinterest maybe?) and I am planning on making one for my daughter's upcoming first birthday as well. I like how you used months instead of numbers.


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