Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Preppy Tip: Freeze herbs

I love fresh herbs!
I wish I grew my own --
I've tried, three times, and they always die.
So I buy them.
and then use 2 tbs and the rest goes bad!
and they can be expensive.

So I've started freezing them!
It's so simple.

First you cut up your cilantro (or whatever herb)
 Then you fill your mini muffin tin {I do 1tbs per cup}
now fill with water! (or oil or chicken broth)
 and stick in the freezer!
 Then just store them in a freezer bag!
That's it! :)
When you are ready to use them, pull one "herb cube" out and let it thaw.
Fresh herbs all year long!

Note: These wouldn't work well for "Garnish" but work great when a recipe just calls for fresh herbs to be blended in. 

FYI -- I'm lazy and thought you could just freeze them without the water -
but they ended up looking like this.
G to the ross. :)
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