Thursday, August 2, 2012

Spoiler Alert: First Birthday Theme!

It's August!
which means that little H is turning ONE!
{please excuse me while I shed a tear!}

Where has the year gone?
 Has it really been {almost} a year since this?
Oh my, we've come a long way!!
 Praise God! :)

and the only good thing about my baby growing up, 
is that I get to throw a fun party!

I've been working on the printables all night --
so here's a little theme spoiler! :)

I know, I know.
the nautical 1st birthday might be a bit overdone.
but for us,
it just seemed perfect.

The hub's is in the Navy.
(granted he's a pilot and never on a boat, but a "sailor" nonetheless)
I grew up on the ocean.
My husband and I both LOVE to sail.
(unfortunately, not much of that in Oklahoma)
Wild Man's nursery was "nautical" - so I have lots of decorating swag.
(which means the less I have to buy)
EVERYTHING I bought was red & blue.
(Thank you 4th of July sales!)
and Red & Blue screams Nautical.
and Nautical screams Preppy.
and I'm the Preppy Mom.

So there you have it -
that's how a "nautical" first birthday was born!

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  1. and this time you aren't throwing a party while throwing up! ;) Can you believe the last time you threw a first birthday party you were pregnant with H?! Time really does fly!!!!

    1. You are sooo right -- George and I were talking about that last night! I couldn't IMAGINE being pregnant again right now! :) I'm already SOOO exhausted!


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