Saturday, August 25, 2012


My sweet, sweet baby boy --
I can't believe you are ONE.

Has it really been ONE YEAR since your first bath?
or those first cries?

Has it really been ONE YEAR since that first night in the hospital?
One year since the day you first met your older brother?
One year since we first became a family of four?
 Has it really been ONE YEAR since I first kissed those wrinkly little toes ...
 and those tiny little fingers?

Has it really been ONE YEAR since that long week in the NICU?
 Those "sterilized" visits ..
and pumping every two hours?
Has it really been 50 weeks since we were able to break you free of those NICU chains?
to bring you home!!!
where we put you in YOUR crib for the first time?

My sweet, sweet Harrison it has been such a WONDERFUL year.
A wonderful year that went by WAY too quickly!

You are so wonderful. So funny. So snugly.
So smart and so mischievous.
and you're growing up WAY too quickly!
but I can't wait to see what the next year brings! ;)

I love you forever my sweet, sweet boy!

I am so blessed to be your Momma! :)
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  1. What a beautiful post! Maybe it's just the new mom hormones, but it made me cry! We were in the NICU for a month, and I will remember the feeling of bringing him home forever! Happy birthday to your pretty boy!


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