Monday, August 13, 2012

Toddler Fun: Make your own Bubble Wand.

I know that we have ten thousand bubble wands ...
the question is, where?
So yesterday when Wild Man wanted to blow bubbles --
I had to improvise.
(we're good at that around here -- remember the toilet paper art?)

We made our own bubble wand with things laying around the house!
(well, with things in my craft room)

You just need some 18 guage wire and a popsicle stick!

Wrap the wire around the popsicle stick and that's it!
Oh and some dirt filled bubbles, obviously! ;)

We had so much fun bending the wire to make different shapes!
 It made REALLY big bubbles and Wild Man LOVED that!
and becuase we also didn't have bubbles --
{I know, what kind of mom am I?}
a DIY bubble recipe coming later this week!

I've heard you can also use pipe cleaners to make a wand --
what have you used to make an awesome bubble wand?
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