Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Build It: Play Market Tutorial

A few days ago I showed you my play market inspiration.
and then yesterday I showed you our new play market --

so today I'm going to show you how to make one for yourself!
It will cost about $20-25 (depending on what materials you have on hand). 

Note: Please ignore the terrible tutorial photos! I was using my Iphone really late at night in the cave that is my living room. :) But hey, at least I captured some pictures!

So here goes ....

The base is this RAST Nighstand at Ikea.
It was $14.99 and the most expensive part of the project. 
(see, I told you this was a Play Market on the cheap!)

 Assemble the Nighstand like normal, however do not attach the back two screws on the bottom shelf.
Instead, you want to angle it up so that your bins have a place to rest. You'll have to drill new pilot holes, but it's really simple! I just picked an angle that I liked and drilled in two new screws.
 I then added this thin piece of wood with some finishing nails & Gorilla Glue.
This piece was $1.00 at Home Depot but you could also use a paint stick or yard stick if you plan on painting your market! I wanted to leave mine the natural wood color, so I just bought a nice thin piece and cut it to size.

So this is where we are now ... the assembled RAST nightstand with an angled bottom shelf and a stopper in front! {and a cameo by Superman compliments of Wild Man!}

Now it's time to add the "awning supports" on the side. I used 3, 4 foot 1x2's. They cost about $1-2 each I believe. I choose nicer ones because I wanted to leave my wood natural. If you are painting your market, it doesn't matter much and you could just get cheap, long furring strips. I then decided how tall I wanted my "supports" to be. The front two are about 40" tall (so I used one 4 foot 1x2 for each, 2 total, cut to size with my jigsaw). The back two are about 24"(I cut one 1x2 in half).

 Now it's time to cut the "indents" for the dowels. By indents, I mean the "semi-cicle" where the dowel rod will rest. I just used my jig saw for this part. 
I didn't measure really, just guessed and kept sticking the dowel in to make sure it fit. They are not perfect, but you won't really see them, so it's totally fine. You will need to add indents to one side of all four "supports".

Now it's time to attach our 1x2's. Predrill your holes (so the soft wood doesn't split) and just use regular wood screws.  I also used gorilla glue for extra strength since this is for rowdy boys. :)
Note: The two tall ones go in the front, the short ones in the back.
and here's another close up of the dowel/support contraption.
OK! So that's the base ... all we're missing now is the actual "awning".

I didn't really take many pictures of this process, so I'll try and explain as best I can. If you have questions, please leave a comment or email me and I'll try to help! :) 

I took two pieces of fabric and laid them right sides together. I then used a bowl to trace the scallops and cut them out. Then I sewed it together on the three sides - leaving the bottom open. Now flip it right side out and iron it. I didn't iron. I don't believe in it, haha - but you might want too.
I then sewed two pocket holes for the dowel rods to slide through and done!
Did that make sense? I just sort of winged it as I went, so PLEASE ask if you have any questions. I'll do my best to answer them. I am in NO way a seamstress!
That's it! I would say the whole project, including the sewing, took just a few hours!
A few Notes:
- I didn't glue or attach the dowels in the pockets. They just rest there and so far my boys haven't touched them yet, so I'm leaving them.
- I found my bins at the thrift store for .25 - however, I think they are from the Dollar Store. (or at least they sell similar ones).
- The fabric is from Ikea I think - I just had it on hand. I bet I used a yard or less.
- I just used a Cup Hook to hold the little broom (which I bought last year at Hobby Lobby for about $4).

So what do you think?! 
Think you'll try to make one?
If you do, I'd love to see pictures!
Did my tutorial make sense?

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  1. This is amazing! Thank you!!!

  2. love this idea, thanks for sharing!


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