Thursday, September 20, 2012

Make It: $1 SuperHero Cape

 There are a LOT of GREAT Superhero capes out there.
But this one is a little different.
Why you ask?!
Because it's EASY, SIMPLE and CHEAP!
Like $1 cheap. 
Can't beat that, right?

So you want to know the secret?
It's this TANK TOP from the Dollar Store. 
 Yup. It cost a whopping $1. 
Note: You could probably make two capes from this, by using the front and back - Making it .50 per cape -- but I just used the front (with the longer straps) and saved the back for scraps.

So run to the dollar store.
and buy EVERY tank top they have. 
That's what I did ;)
We have a LOT of birthdays this month. 

So are you ready to make an awesome SuperHero Cape?
Let's get started!

1. Cut the tank top straps.

 2. Now cut down the sides of the Tshirt, so that you have two separate pieces. 
You don't have to hem this, Knit doesn't fray.

3. This is what you have right now. Just the front of the "cape". 
 We're almost done. Seriously. I told you this was easy! ;)

4. Now sew on two pieces of velcro. One on each strap.
Note: You could make this no-sew by using iron on {washable} velcro.

5. Now it's time to add the "super initial". I just used some scrap fabric I had and free handed a design. This part is optional. Wild Man has been wearing a blank cape for days and hasn't noticed - but this one was for a little girls birthday present, so I wanted it to be personalized!
 I ironed the fabric on using Heat N Bond LITE!
Note: You could make this NO SEW by using HEAT N BOND ULTRA.

 6. Now sew around the edges for extra durability.
Superheros tend to be a little rough and rowdy and we don't want this falling apart! ;)
That's it!
Step back and admire your super cute, super fast, super cape! :)

Now whip up a coordinating Super Hero Mask ...
(Tutorial & template coming soon)

and you have the perfect gift for any birthday girl (or boy!)

oh and did I mention it will cost you less than $2!!!!
and it will only take you about 20 minutes!!!
 but bring endless HOURS of make believe fun!!!

Handmade gifts are the best.
If you make one, I'd love to see it! :)


  1. This is awesomely easy! I wish I had figured it out when my boys were in their super hero phases. Will you share it at Mar's Linky Party this week where I'm co-hosting? It would be a great addition to our kid-friendly posts.


  2. You can also recycle old t-shirts and cut up the sides {just like you did} but leave the "neck" of the shirt. There's REALLY a no-sew option!!!! And if it's an adult shirt kids won't have a hard time getting it over their heads :) I love the super letter on it! Can't wait to see the how-to for the mask!!!

  3. Love this idea! Any certain size tank top recommended? I am definitely going to make this for my 16 month old son. Also I saw that you are a Navy family in OKC. We had been until April of last year when my husband had done his 7 years and we decided to go civilian :). I found your blog via Craftaholics Anonymous and thought I would check it out since we live in Moore.

  4. Hi there! I love this tutorial and will be making it very soon for my 16 month old son (and our neighbor's son whose birthday is next month). Any suggestions on what size tank top you like best? Oh, I found your blog via Craftaholics Anonymouse and saw you were in OKC. We live in Moore. I also saw you are a Navy family. We were until April of last year when my husband did his 7 and we agreed to go civilian. (yay!) Your blog looks so neat and I look forward to checking out more of your tutorials and toddler fun suggestions.


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