Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Our Menu" - A Tragedy

My husband is the chef around here ...
lucky me! I know! ;)
so when he's gone, our "menu" looks like this...
It's tragic, really.
Don't Judge. ;) 

Actually, you can judge!
I'm judging me too ...
My poor children - 
bellies full of chicken nuggets & hotdogs.
(don't worry CPS: I always make them eat the apples first)

But the next deployment --
I'm planning out freezer meals ahead of time--
(at least that's the plan)

So what's your favorite easily frozen recipe?
Help a sister out.

Note: the above menu was just an exaggeration of our week.
We didn't really eat McDonald's three times.
We only ate it twice. duh. ;)

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  2. I Love this. Looks about like mine! My girls want nuggets and macaroni (in the BLUE BOX only per McKenzie). Whatever works :)

  3. don't feel bad AT ALL! this is normal- i would think you were weird if you were actually cooking big meals every night. i only wish we had chick-fil-a out here. i'm sick of my fast food rotation....gotta love deployment!

  4. My spaghetti pie! It makes 3, so you get to freeze 2 of them! Anything Italian will usually freeze well, so just make double - or just a little bit more - and freeze the left overs. I'm big on freezing left overs if there's enough. Oh, and not freezer, but you can totally add in grilled cheese and soup for a great meal {and then you're even using the stove!}


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