Monday, September 17, 2012

The Boy's Play Market

So remember a while ago when I linked up my Play Market Inspiration?
Well, I FINALLY finished my version --
and my special Amazon order finally arrived ...
so without further adieu - 
here's our new play market! :)

The perfect place to store all that play food --
 Complete with a fancy scalloped "awning".
 a market scale to weigh the produce ...
 a Cash Register to collect the money ...
and a debit card machine. Because really, who carries cash? ;)
 I absolutely love this little corner of the playroom.
I love the simplicity.
 I love that they have to use their imaginations.
 No fancy machines, no cha-ching noises or coffee brewing sounds.
Only what their little imaginations come up with...
and it's really amazingly fun to watch.

I built this market for about $20!!!!
Tomorrow I'll show you how! ;)


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  1. Replies
    1. Eden needs one for Christmas! And you have an IKEA - so you can totally DIY it! It cost me about $20 (not including accessories obviously). Tutorial will be up tomorrow!


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