Monday, October 29, 2012

Celebrate It: Halloween Party Food Ideas

Earlier today I posted the fun games we played at the Halloween Playgroup Party.

Now I thought I would show you the food ... and y'all, there was a LOT of food. I asked that everyone bring a Halloween-themed snack to share and my friends totally rocked it. 
It was like Pinterest threw up on our table. In a good way of course!

So here we go ....

Halloween Cupcakes.

and obviously chocolate googley eyes are a must.

 some yummy Mummy Munch
(Pretzels, Marshmallows, Halloween M&M's and Cheeze-its)

 Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

 Thin Mint Witch Cookies.


 A Veggie Skeleton!

Mummy Pizzas!

Mummy Dogs!

 Frankenstein Pudding Cups with crushed Oreos.

There was also chips and dip and fruit with a delicious Pumpkin Dip.
I told you -- A LOT!
and SO CUTE! :)

The beverage table was relatively simple.
 Cute paper straws and pumpkin orange cups ...
Mummy Juice Boxes ...
I used Muslin, googley eyes and some hot glue!

Water bottles with spooky Bat labels.
The green is celophane wrapping paper from $1 Store and Vinyl Bats (using Silhouette).
Oh and let's not forget the yummy Punch for the mommas,   aka Witches Brew.
7 Up, Limeade & Lime Sherbert.

 So there you have it -- the whole spread!

Happy Halloween!!!

Oh and the pictures that look especially nice ... they weren't taken by me. ;)
They were taken my awesome friend with Whitney Ward Photography!
If you are in the OKC area -- check her out! She's an amazing portrait photographer!

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