Monday, October 29, 2012

Celebrate it: Halloween Party Games

I hosted a Playgroup Halloween Party last week!
It was loads of fun ...
until everyone that came caught an awful stomach bug. :(

I came up with a few, easy, inexpensive games that the kids loved.

First up --
Pumpkin Bowling!
  To throw this fun party game together, all you need is six old paint cans (or even soup cans would work), some Halloween scrap book paper, packaging tape to attach the paper and vinyl numbers (completely optional)! You could also do ghost/Frankenstein faces.
Oh - and a pumpkin of course! ;)
 The "big boys" loved this one!

Next up --
Halloween Bucket Toss.
 I picked up three buckets at Michaels for .49 on sale --

 and sewed some simple Bean Bags.

 We lined up the buckets. Filled the bottom with candy. And let them toss.
The number of points determined the number of candy.
You could easily do a million variations of this with/without candy!
 Then there was the {simple} craft table ...
 Crayons in a baby food jars (decorated black ribbon hot glued on)
and Halloween wooden cut-outs for the kiddos to color.
(I bought them on Clearance at JoAnn for about .18/each)

Then there was the "Build a Pumpkin" Station.
 Orange paper plates, construction paper cut-outs and glue sticks. 
So simple.

and I saved my favorite for last --
 Pin the BOW TIE on the skeleton!
 I bought an orange skeleton from the Dollar Store.
 and cut out vinyl Bow ties with my Silhouette.
 This game is a classic and the kids loved it!
I picked up some prizes at the Dollar Store -
A pirate sword and Eye Patch for the boy winner ...
and a Pink Boa and Microphone for the girl.
Totally worth the $4, they kids LOVED it!

Oh and then I had this "game" for the adults --
 with a prize from Bath & Body Works!
Because seriously - I don't play games if there isn't something to win, haha.

So any fun party games I left out?!

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  1. Very cute party, hope you're all feeling better now!!


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