Monday, October 1, 2012

Craft It: Finger Paint Silhouette!

Silhouettes are all the Rage!
 and for good reason -- they are adorable. 
It's so fun to preserve your little's face in such a sweet way.
There are a lot of great tutorials out there but I wanted mine to be simple!
I'm all about quick crafts for me.
I have extreme craft ADD -
if something takes too long, it will never get finished.

I printed out a side picture of Wild Man. 
 Then I carefully cut around his silhouette, preserving the sweet little details.
(like that precious curl in the back).
 Then I traced it onto the vinyl and cut it out.
 I stuck the vinyl on an 11x14 Canvas and let Wild Man loose with the finger paint.
Yes, he's wearing Christmas Pajamas - we did this project a LONG time ago! Whoops!
 Now peel up the vinyl (before the paint dries)!
Step back and admire your adorable work of art. 

I added 11x14 frames I found at the thrift store and painted white.
 They look perfect in our playroom above the art center!

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  1. Love love love this! Have been wanting to do silhouettes for a long time! This is great :)


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