Thursday, October 25, 2012

Craft It: Halloween Bat Art

Are you ready for the easiest Halloween project ever?
 It will cost you about $3 (maybe less) and take less than 10 minutes!
excuse the bad lighting ... I took these super late in night! 
Here's what you need:
 A thrift store/dollar store frame with glass removed
Scrap piece of fabric (about 10x12 inches, if 8x10 Frame)
Halloween Wooden Shapes from Hobby Lobby or Michaels (.59/each)
(or you could for a silhouette affect and use black paper you already have)
A glue gun.

You'll want to start by wrapping your fabric around an 8x10 cardboard piece.
Then hot glue it.
Now glue on your little "silhouettes". 
I choose the .59 bats from Michaels.
Now put it in the frame and that's it!
I told you it was easy!
8 minute easy.
Can't beat that!

It's Preppy. 
and a little Spooky.
Is that even possible?
and perfect decorations for your friendly Halloween Party! 

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