Monday, October 15, 2012

PosterPop Giveaway + Discount!

 I have an AWESOME giveaway for y'all today!!
I'm so excited!!!
you know we all LOVE those Keep Calm and Carry On posters!!!
So today I'm giving away one 11x14 Poster of your choice from the Etsy shop, Poster Pop!
Their selection of posters is AMAZING! It's so fun to look at all the variations!
All the colors can be customized to fit your decor!

They have something for everyone --
including the E-6B Mercury plane that my husband flies!!
I was SO excited when I found their shop, because it's really hard to find E-6B things!
We LOVE our new poster - (especially my husband!)
 and it fits in perfectly on our bedroom gallery wall!
The quality of the print is GREAT, the clarity of the E-6B image is amazing (and so accurate), the shipping was very quick and the price is right!

Do you want to win an 11x14 Print from Poster Pop?
Just head over to their Etsy Stop and find your favorite poster! Then come back over here and leave a comment telling me which one you'd pick if you are the lucky winner! :)
Oh! and it gets better!!
 For a limited time, Poster Pop is offering EVERYONE a 10% discount! (yay!)
Just enter Code PREPPYMOM10 at checkout!
Discount is good through December 1st!
These make awesome gifts for those hard to buy for people in your life!
So which  one is your favorite!?
The winner will be selected next Tuesday at 12 Midnight EST using

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  1. Keep calm and fly one and of course the pic of the E-6B!!!! LOVE IT......:}

  2. Hello! Where is the P-3 one? We definitely need a fly one!

  3. Keep calm and love Navy :)

  4. I can only choose 1? I love fly on with a C130... I love run on and Thing 1 would love the dolphin one!! If I had to choose just one, though, it would be "Keep Calm and Run On"!!!

  5. Keep calm and fly on with the F-18!

  6. I love "Keep Calm and Rock On!" I think I need to hang it by my daughter's rocking chair, as a reminder during those 1 am wake ups :)

  7. Fly on...with the C130 of course! What a great giveaway!!

  8. was looking for HUNT ON, but couln't find it... so Sew on.. for my Mommy.

  9. Keep Calm and Drink Tea with the old British flag background featured!!

  10. Either the love Paris or brush on.

  11. Shared on my Facebook page! Keep calm and fly on with the F-18

  12. Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake is my favorite!

  13. Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake is my favorite!

  14. Keep calm and carry on with the old Union Jack background is my favorite.

  15. I would pick....Keep Calm and SEW ON

    Kathy Davis

  16. That's hard to do! Right now I'd go for the "...drink Margaritas" poster for my freind. Thanks!

  17. I love the "Keep Calm and Drink Tea" with the Union Jack background!

  18. Keep Calm and Drink Beer! Gotta have it for my bf!

  19. Shared on FB and Twitter. Also to coworkers. Keep Calm and Drink Tea with the old British flag background featured!!

  20. So hard to decide! I love Keep Calm and Drink Beer, Keep Calm and put the kettle on, keep calm and drink champagne, and keep calm and rock on

  21. I would pick "Keep Calm and Defend On" for a lawyer friend who would get a kick out of it for his office at Christmas this year!


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