Monday, October 22, 2012

Preppy Mom: The Shop

Happy Monday!
Life has been pretty crazy around here --
Not bad crazy -- just busy, busy, busy ...
and I've also been sewing my little hiney off in all my "spare time".

So you may have noticed this button in my sidebar?
It links up to my new Etsy store --
and I'm (slowly) adding stuff every day!
Honestly, I think the pictures, posting, etc takes longer than the sewing!

I have some super fun Holiday Shirts in there --
like this Thanksgiving Turkey.
or this super cute Rudolph! ;)
 I'm also working on some preppy baby items -- 
like this adorable argyle bib.

My favorite is the yoda Tee I'm working on!
Wild Man is crazy for it.
I'll post about him tomorrow! ;) 

So that's what I've been working on!
Sewing, Parenting & sewing some more.
I'd love for you to go check out my Shop.
Maybe add me to your Etsy circle or favorites.
Maybe pin some of your favorite items.
or share them with your friends!

Thanks so much!
You guys are the best!

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