Friday, October 19, 2012

SEW IT: Simple Pumpkin Shirt

 I just LOVE Fall! 
The colors, the weather, Pumpkin Patches and Hay Rides.
 We had a playgroup scheduled at the pumpkin patch this morning ...
so I decided to whip up some matching shirts for the boys! 
They are really easy and seriously took less than an hour to make both!!

What you need:
-Plain white Shirt
- Pumpkin Pattern (available for print HERE)
- Fabric scraps of your choice (I did orange for pumpkin, green for stem, brown for initial)
- Heat N Bond (or Wonder Under) and Iron
- Sewing Machine & Thread

Let's get started! 

First iron your fabric on to your Heat N Bond. I just cut squares.
Then print out the pattern (here) and cut out your pieces.
 I just free handed the H & N but you could also print a template.

Then remove the Heat N Bond backing from the initial only and iron onto your pumpkin. 
I prefer to sew my appliques in layers.
  See? I just think it's easier to sew through the Heat N Bond backing, than all the layers plus tshirt.
 Now remove the backing from stem and pumpkin and iron in place.
Note: If you buy Heat N Bond Ultra you could make this a no-sew shirt!

 Now just sew around the pumpkin and stem!
 I use a straight stitch because I think it looks neater. 
I also like that the edges fray a little!

That's it! Stand back and admire your cute new shirts!
Now dress up your little pumpkins ....
and let them loose at the Pumpkin Patch.
 They might just be the cutest ones there! ;)


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  1. Really cute! Can't wait to try oh and I'm jealous of the long sleeves and coats. I'm sweating here in S Fl! :)


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