Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Toddler Fun: Mud Tracks Painting

We went to the most adorable 2nd birthday party the other day! 
 The theme was construction trucks and tractors!
The party decor was AMAZING, I wish I had taken more pictures!

Tractors and Dress up?
you know Wild Man was in HEAVEN!
The whole party was SO much fun for little boys -- 
tractors, blocks, tool benches .... what more would you want?

but this part stood out as my absolute favorite ...
Mud Track Painting!
The outdoor coffee table was covered in brown packing paper with squirted drops of {washable} brown paint. She provided tractors and trucks from the Dollar Store and let them go to town! The boys had SO much fun driving the tractors through the "mud".
Genius. :)
Imaginative Play.
The perfect combination for Toddler Fun.  

We will definitely be doing this again at home! 
Thanks for the great idea Katie! The party was perfect!

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