Monday, November 5, 2012

A Playhouse Saga: The beginning

I have been wanting to get the boys a Playhouse for the longest time!
But have y'all seen the price on those bad boys?
Holy Moly!! They are EXPENSIVE! ;)
and since my husband is anti-plastic (grrr!), we had to get a wood one.

We finally decided we would buy this one for Christmas...
With a hefty price tag of $359.00.

Everyday I scoured Craigslist without much luck!
Until last week that is!!!!

Last week I saw this -- 
The EXACT playhouse that I wanted! 
For $50!!!!
yes, FIFTY! (as in $300 less than the original).
Oh Happy Day!!!!

I emailed the lady immediately and we set a date to go pick it up!  The only downside was that it was pretty far away (90 miles one-way far). I bribed a friend to ride with me, loaded the kids up with snacks and DVD's and hopped in the car -- ready to pick that bad boy up! I was so excited I could hardly stand it!

And so we did ... thank goodness for the minivan and all that storage space! ;) 
(It fits a 4x8 sheet of plywood you know? Now that is modern mom marketing!!)

By afternoon - I was home and this was put back together! 

It was in amazing condition ... it just needed a new coat of paint (or stain) --
and since you know I can't leave things alone, I'm "updating" it! ;) 
 The boys will hardly come inside they love it so much!
Hands down, the best $50 I've EVER spent! 

Oh and I'll give you a little hint --
Yup, Spray Paint.
You should have known. ;)

Oh - and it already looks 10 times different. 
I can't wait to show you pictures!!

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