Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY Dollhouse Furniture on the Cheap!

 I don't have girls ... not yet anyways!
So I had NO idea how expensive dollhouse furniture is! ;)
It's crazy, crazy expensive!
It's also pretty impossible to find "boyish" dollhouse furniture.
So I did what any good DIY'er would do! I made it myself!
and I made it for super cheap! ;)
You can read more about the Super Hero House here.

Update: I built the actual house using 1x10's, screws and a LOT of caulk (haha.) Young House Love has a GREAT Tutorial here - I just altered mine to make it more "boyish" without the roof, etc.  They used 1x8's - but I had 1x10's in the garage -- either would work. Then I bought 4 legs and leg plates at Lowe's to add some height! If you don't feel like building yours from scratch-- I also just found this awesome tutorial using a cubby organizer ($12.99) from Target! 

Now back to the furniture ...

I picked up everything at Hobby Lobby in the unfinished wood section. I made a couch, coffee table, twin bed, entertainment center with flat screen TV and a dining room Table. I paid $6.50 (I had fabric scraps, foam, paint and glue - so if you don't, your price might be a bit higher). However, if you were to buy your stuff brand new - you're looking at about $20/room. :/  and that was NOT in the budget! But six dollars and fifty cents. I can swing that. ;)
So here's the SIMPLE 'how to' to make your own dollhouse furniture!!
For cheap. :) Holla. 
The living room

For the coffee table you'll need:
1 Pack of Finial Caps $1.47
1 unfinished wooden Rectangle $.79
 Now you simply glue the finial caps on the Bottom and paint! 
Total cost $2.25 (and save the other finial caps, you'll need them for the couch).

For the Couch, Dining Room Table & Twin Bed you'll need the following.

 1 pack of Woodsies Rectangles ($2.99 + 40% off = $1.80)
Mini Spindles ($1.47).

The couch takes the most work - but not much, I promise!
Take 2 of the Rectangles and cut about 1 inch off each side.
I just used my miter saw, but a jig saw would work too! Those small pieces will be the two arms (you could even use cardboard if you didn't want to use tools). Now glue all pieces together.
Glue the finial caps to the bottom and paint!
That's the "base" - now you just need the cushion.

For the cushion, I used scrap fabric and left over foam (from a twin mattress pad I cut up).
I just wrapped it like I would a present and hot glued it.

 Now for the Dining Room.
The table is simple -- Glue 4 spindle Legs onto the rectangle.
 and Paint (I used Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint)
(I didn't feel up to making chairs, so I bought two at Hobby Lobby for $2.47 each).

Next up - The Bedroom.
For the twin bed, you'll need one whole wood rectangle, one half of a rectangle, some quilt batting, fabric scraps, finial caps (or beads) and hot glue.
 I used hot glue to "upholster" the twin headboard (half a rectangle) and then used stronger glue (E-6000) to attach the headboard to the long rectangle bed. For "feet" I used some misc. silver beads I had, but finial caps would work as well. I upholstered the mattress and pillow the same way I did the couch cushion! I still need to make a blanket - just haven't decided if I want to make it permanent or detachable.

The nightstand is a Hobby Lobby purchase (2.47+40% off).

 I think this is my favorite part! The flat screen TV and Entertainment Hutch!
I found this little miniature Paper Mache box for .99 at Hobby Lobby.
 A quick coat of black paint ...
Then I printed off a Superman Image to act as the show they are watching! ;) 
I took a thin brush and painted the entertainment center...
I permanently attached the TV to the wall, but not the Entertainment Center.

The Super Hero Art may be my second favorite part of the whole house!
 I bought the two frames for $1.40/each at Hobby Lobby in the dollhouse section, they were gold! Then I just spray painted them Metallic and added the Batman and Spider Man images that I printed from the Internet! I also used hot glue to permanently attach them to the wall.

So that's my Dollhouse Furniture on the cheap!
Note: I wasn't up for the task of making the chairs ($2.47/each), the Nightstand ($2.47) or the Kitchen set ($13.29) but I'm sure you could come up with something if you tried.

Now keep in mind that I made a Super Hero House for my boys, so I tried my best to make the furniture very masculine - in both the shape of the furniture and the color. However, you could very easily add lace, pinks, vintage fabrics, fun accessories, etc to make it much more girly! The sky is the limit really! I had to limit the accessories ... I don't think Spider Man cares much about Decorating or Crown Molding! ;) Barbie on the other hand -- she's all about it! ;) So go wild.

So what do you think? Think it looks simple enough to try?
Or would you rather just fork over the dough?
Be honest. ;)

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  1. Did you just use an old bookshelf or a storage cube or something for the house itself? :)

  2. What is the silver pole for? Where did you get the back drop?

    1. My son wanted a "fireman" pole ... ;) haha. The backdrop is scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby mod podged to the backing!

  3. You are awesome!! Enough said;P

    1. You are sweet! My boys are really loving it, so that makes me happy!

  4. You are brilliant! My son is into ninja turtles right now and the price of the turtle house thing was outrageous!! I never even thought about making my own! I only stumbled onto this site after trying to get ideas for diy furniture for my daughters refurbed house. THANK YOU BUNCHES!!!

  5. loved all your ideas! the superhero house is awesome!!

  6. Oh my goodness! You did an amazing job. I am going to try to make these furniture. thank you for sharing

  7. Wow, that is a great idea. Brilliant mind. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
    cheap bedroom sets

  8. Where did you purchase the items at... the wooden finials, and the pieces for the table/sofa..etc

    1. Everything came from Hobby Lobby! :) In the unfinished wood section! Good luck!

  9. Amazing! I've been watching Barbie furniture lots on ebay for a week now and can't believe the price. Looks like it's time for a trip to Hobby Lobby. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I know, I couldn't believe the prices! :) Good luck! Also -- not sure if you have a dollar tree but they had some wooden doll house furniture there too! I just painted it to match!

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am redoing my daughter's 4 foot high dollhouse into a fire station for my way the Christmas budget would allow for all that furniture! You saved me! Thanks again!

  11. Thanks for the tutorial, this is exactly what I was thinking to make furniture!

  12. I'm wanting to make a closet for my Blythe doll clothes, I was hoping you could give me some good ideas thank you!!! ;). Amy

  13. ive been looking for EXACTLY what you gave us here: simple, step-by-step, coordinating pics, shopping list (including to which aisle in what store) i truly want to thank you!!


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