Sunday, November 25, 2012

Paint It: Interior Doors go BLACK

 Our house was built in 1994 ...
and you could tell because orange wood-tone had practically thrown up everywhere.
This was a "before" ... sort of.
I painted the trim the week we moved in but the walls were still two different colors of awful, the chandelier was so low that my husband kept hitting his head and those doors were terrible. Cheapy, hollow core - orange toned doors. Gross. I begged to keep the chandelier but the hubs said enough! Pssh, what does he know?! ;)

Moral of the story? The orange doors had to go! But we did the math - and by the time we replace and install each door it costs us about $80/door. No way was the hallway worth $400. You see, we're military -- which means we move ALL.THE.TIME. We finally took the plunge and bought a house - but we're battling that fine line between making the house something we're proud of vs. not putting too much money into the house, since we know we have to sell it. Get where I'm going?

So I did what any good DIY'er would do.
a little PAINT! ;) 

I started with the walls ... a $5 gallon of grey Oops paint!
(Tip: they will 'tint' oops paint for you, I found light grey and had them add a bit to make it darker!)

Then onto the doors --
I started with white, but it didn't look good -
It showed all 18 years of dents and just looked "cheap".
Then I remembered all the black interior doors on Pinterest!
I'm not going to lie ... I was a little LOT nervous.  
Our house has a lot of "browns", blacks really aren't my style.
and my husband was gone and I was afraid he might kill me.
But I'm a true DIY'er and went for it anyways! 
and this is what it looked like after the first coat ....
I wanted to cry ...
 Big. Ugly. Tears. 

But I stuck with it -- (what option did I have?)
and three coats of black later, I had this --

I love it! ;)
I just used Valspar Samples for mine! It took 2 Sample Cans to do the 4.5 doors! 
(The "half door" is the playroom - you can read about that here)
Note: My sheen was "satin" - I would probably recommend using something more "glossy".

But isn't it lovely? (or at least a hundred times better than before?)

 Now, I totally get that black isn't everyone's cup of tea. Believe me, I get it! I wasn't even sure it was mine, haha! BUT! I am now sold!! For less than $80 (including the new light fixture) and a few hours of my time, I was able to completely change the look of my hallway! That beats $400 in my book any day!{and there is no doubt in my mind that white wouldn't have looked nearly this good!} So for me -- black was a great choice!

and just because we all love a good before/after ... here you go one more time! ;)
{and so does my husband, which is amazing!}

Price Breakdown:
Gallon of  Oops Paint - $5
5 new Stainless hardware knobs - $40 ($8/each * 5)
Light Fixture - Lowe's ($27 with Lowe's military Discount)
2 Sample Paints - $6
Total: $78

So are you looking to upgrade those ugly doors in your house?
Sample cans of black paint is a great option!

So there you have it -- another $100 or less "room" makeover!
What do you think??
You can see the bathroom makeover here.

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  1. Wow!! They look great!

    The entire hallway looks so much more up to date too!

  2. Looks so much better, good call.
    Found this at the Happy Hour link party.

  3. Did you paint both the inside and outside black? I am going to try it, but am a little scared. I also am going to paint those same type of doors that are in the closet. At least in one of the rooms. I am curious how it would look black from the inside of the room...

  4. Sherry! I'm SO sorry that I'm just now responding! ;) I totally missed this comment! In this case - I did not paint the interior, however -- in my bathroom - I did paint the interior a fun yellow and I LOVE it! ;) Good luck!

  5. I've been thinking of doing this and you've given me the courage to do it! Thanks so much you did a great job.

  6. I've been wanting to do this for a long time, you've given me the inspiration to do it. I like a bit of drama and you did it! Thanks so much. Carolyn

  7. I've been thinking of doing this and you've given me the courage to do it! Thanks so much you did a great job.


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