Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Make It: Simple Ribbon Christmas Shirt

This is another one of those "Dear Santa, I need a girl" crafts!
 Seriously? How cute is this Ribbon Christmas Tree Shirt?
 and the best part is that it's EASY!!!
and could potentially be no-sew, so that makes it even better!!

Ready for the Tutorial? 
Here we go ...

Collect miscellaneous ribbon and cut to desired length!
 Then use a lighter to "fray-check" the edges! This step is super important!

 Now you need this... Heat N Bond Hem Tape.
 You can find it here or at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.
 I bought the "REGULAR" strength because I planned on sewing over it.
If you want a no-sew version buy the "ULTRA".

 Place the hem tape under the ribbon and iron it on your shirt!
 For the thicker ribbon, I used two pieces of hem tape.

Then just stitch around the rectangle.
 Unless you used the ultra hem tape - in that case, don't sew! ;)
It will ruin your machine! Trust me.

Now top your tree -- vintage buttons, a star, whatever you want!
 and that's it! ;) 

you have a SUPER simple Christmas Tree Shirt for your little Christmas beauty!

Make a matching bow and you have the perfect outfit!
Merry Christmas!!

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