Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Repurposed TV Console turned Buffet Bar

 I love a good Road kill Recue!
{and this just may be my favorite!}
Picture this ... it's starting to rain, we're driving down the road and I see this bad boy sitting pretty on the curb. {Please tell me I'm not the only one that loves Big Trash Wednesday?} I scream at my husband to slam on the breaks and I hop out before the car is fully stopped ... I make my husband get out because it's SUPER heavy (as in solid wood heavy -- holla!!) and load it in the back of the swagga wagon! Did I mention that he was SO embarrassed!? ;) He was! But it ended up being pretty sweet -- it was handmade in a little town south of OKC by an old woodworker!
{They don't  make things like they used too!}
So here she is BEFORE:
Not the prettiest thing you've ever seen, huh? ;)
but I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her ... ;)
 I headed to Lowe's and grabbed 4 Legs + 4 Leg Brackets.
I drilled them in each corner ...
and then screwed in all four legs!
{I love how these legs look a little Mid-Century!}
A little primer + Oops $5 Teal Paint ... 
and I had this beauty ...
Yay! The perfect Bar/Buffet. 
{with the world's ugliest kitchen tile - boo!!}

It serves several purposes for us ...
The under-cabinet wine bottle mount fits perfectly on the top shelf to hold wine bottles ...
 and then I ordered some wine glass holders off Amazon for the inside cabinets! :)  
 {hidden away from little, clumsy fingers ...}

The top shelf holds some of my cookbooks ...
 and the bottom basket holds our summer, outdoor plasticware!

I also added the same hardware as our cabinets --
 and used the same Oops Paint as my DIY Console Table.

What do you think??
 and just because I love a good BEFORE and AFTER ...
here they are side by side --

So what have you rescued from the trash lately?
What would you have done with this awesome piece?

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Make it: Portable Ironing Board

 I am slowly getting my "craft corner" in order ...
I can't wait to show you!!
and since I only get ONE wall of the playroom -
I'm having to be really creative on space!
I do have a large closet, so that's very helpful in organizing my stuff -
but when it comes to 'work space' - I'm pretty limited!
So when I saw this old school "media cart" for sale on Craigslist -- it had to be mine.

It was only $15 and in really great shape!!!
 I knew it would be perfect for portable storage.
and the best part?

These outlets!!
A DIY girl can NEVER have too many outlets! ;)

So then I decided to turn the "top" into a solid surface --
(using scrap wood from my pile)
one that doubles as an Ironing Board! *YAY*
I had all the supplies laying around -- scrap plywood, batting and fabric!

I simply wrapped the plywood (that I cut to size) like a present with some thermal batting, regular batting and Fabric!
I found that spray glue worked best to keep it from shifting.
and then used my staple gun for the sides! 
Flip it over -- and that's it! ;)
A portable ironing board surface!

This cart has proven to be WAY better than I originally planned.
It holds my Silhouette, my Iron, and SO much more -- 
plus it gives me the extra work space needed for projects ...
and then when I'm done, I just slide it back in the closet - out of the way.

This idea could work for several items, even without the cart.
You could "upholster" any flat surface in your craft room to turn it into an ironing board.
A lazy susan would also be cool and very easy to move around!

So what are you going to turn into an ironing board?
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Winner: Daddy Dolls Giveaway

Is the suspense killing you?
Are you ready to see who won the Daddy Dolls Giveaway?
Here it is ....

Jenni, Congrats!
Shoot me an email within the next 24 hours to claim your prize!
Thanks so much to everyone that entered!
Tomorrow I'll be launching a new giveaway!
Note: The winner was selected using Rafflecopter and - and checked for validity.
If winner does not respond within 24 hours, a new winner will be selected.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Make It: {Yummy} Green Smoothie

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram -
then you have probably noticed all the "green smoothie" I've been posting! :)
I know, they look GROSS!
But I promise they are SOOO good! ;)
and they are SO good for you!
Let me start by staying that I am in NO WAY a health freak. I would rather eat a double cheeseburger over a salad any day of the week ... but the fruit and yoghurt totally overpowers the spinach - and you really can't taste it! These work perfect for me - because there is no other way I would eat an entire cup of spinach or fruit for breakfast! ;)
So are you brave enough to try one?
Here's what you need:
1 cup of Fresh organic baby Spinach
1 cup of Frozen Fruit (I like the one with mango, pineapple & peaches)
{I also add fresh blueberries or strawberries when I have them}
1 Light & Fit Yoghurt (any flavor)
.5 cup of Trop50 Orange Juice (less sugar than regular)
2 Tsp of Raw FlaxSeed
Combine it all in your mason jar! :)

and blend away ...

(add more OJ/water if needed)
Preppy Mom Tip: A mason jar fits perfectly on {most} blenders!
 It's kind of awesome because you only dirty one glass.
and there you have it ... 
a delicious Green Smoothie!
I PROMISE it tastes better than it looks!!
 There are also SO many different varieties - bananas would be delicious (but my son is allergic so we leave them out). You could use ice and water instead of OJ if you want it to be even less calories! You could add Whey Protein Power. The sky is the limit!
So are you a smoothie fan?
What's your favorite combo?
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tutorial: Cut Fabric with Silhouette SD

I've had my Silhouette SD for over two years --
and I've never used it to cut Fabric.
Until last night...
and now it's all I want to do! ;)
Do you want to cut some fabric too?
Well let's start cutting ... shall we?!
What you need:
Silhouette SD (or the Cameo if you're super lucky)
Heat N Bond (or Wonder Under)
Fabric Scraps
Iron the Heat N Bond (or wonder under) to the backside of your fabric.
 Wait for it to cool off and then pull off the backing ...
 Place the fabric on the top of your mat (right side UP) and load it in your machine!
I ordered THIS blade for Fabric.  
 To cut cotton/lightweight fabric, twist it to "5".
 Design your image in the Silhouette software!
A Speed of 5 and Thickness of 33 worked perfect for me!
Hit cut and let the machine do all the work ... :)
 Gently pull the corners to reveal the perfectly cut fabric!
 Seriously look at that ... AMAZINGNESS! :)
 Now place it on your shirt (or whatever) and iron it down! ;)
 If you used Heat N Bond Ultra then you don't need to sew it ...
if you used regular, give it a quick stitch for extra durability! ;)
I'm kind of obsessed ...
 It was just SO easy!
Oh - and has your cutting mat seen better days?
Well - tomorrow I'll show you how to make it sticky again! ;)

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Giveaway: Hug-A-Hero Daddy Dolls

I've mentioned it a few times on the blog - but for those of you that are new around here --
we're a {proud} military family.
A Navy Family to be exact.
and Home is where the Navy takes us ...
even if that means OKALHOMA! ;) lol.
My husband flies for the Navy and for the next three years,
he will be "deploying" 3 weeks gone, 3 weeks home ...
and while that deployment schedule "SEEMS" to be a little more ideal than the typical 7-12 month deployment, it's still hard.

Very hard actually.
It's hard for us all to get our rhythm -
the constant change ... the in and out.
 It's hard on me - but it's really hard on the boys!!
One week Daddy is home and they get used to it ...
(and they love it!!)
and then, BAM!
He's gone again.
Then home again.
Then gone again.
Then home again.
Then gone again.
For three years.
You get the picture, right? ;)
Basically, it just stinks!
(as do ALL deployments - military spouses are pretty much rock stars)
and you see, these two little monkeys are still a little too young to understand why...
"Daddy go fly again? Daddy fly home soon?" are questions I hear WAY too often.
They break my mama heart more than just a little bit ...
So when SEVERAL of my friends started posting pictures on Facebook of their kids with Daddy Dolls, I was intrigued ... I knew it would be something that my boys would LOVE! They love looking at pictures of "daddy" when he's gone - and this was so much better! This they could carry around with them, take to bed with them, hug after they got shots.

So I ordered two ...
Our Daddy Doll's arrived very quickly! Honestly, it took me longer to convince my husband to pose for the picture than it did for our Daddy Doll's to arrive! ;) The quality is amazing (it's not just a picture printed on some fabric)! They are made with so much love.

But the TRUE test was the boys ...

and they are smitten!
They have two different size options ...

I chose the large one for my {almost} three year old and the smaller one for my {almost}18 month old. They also have an optional voice recorder, which I think is really cool!
My favorite part is the fabric options on the back! You know I love fabric!
I chose a basic red, white and blue but they have a TON of different fabric -- even girly colors! ;)
{oh how I need a girl!}

So guess what?!
I'm giving away one!!!!
Yup, one lucky reader will receive a gift certificate for a LARGE Daddy Doll.
{which includes shipping and fabric choice!}
Isn't that awesome?!

You can enter here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

p.s. Do you already have a Daddy Doll? I'd love to hear about your experiences!
p.p.s. - Not in the military? No problem!
I'm sure you know someone who is - this would make an AWEOMSE gift!
Don't know anyone in the military? No problem!
These are for heroes of all kinds -- Firefighters, Police Officers, etc! ;)

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