Monday, January 21, 2013

Giveaway: Hug-A-Hero Daddy Dolls

I've mentioned it a few times on the blog - but for those of you that are new around here --
we're a {proud} military family.
A Navy Family to be exact.
and Home is where the Navy takes us ...
even if that means OKALHOMA! ;) lol.
My husband flies for the Navy and for the next three years,
he will be "deploying" 3 weeks gone, 3 weeks home ...
and while that deployment schedule "SEEMS" to be a little more ideal than the typical 7-12 month deployment, it's still hard.

Very hard actually.
It's hard for us all to get our rhythm -
the constant change ... the in and out.
 It's hard on me - but it's really hard on the boys!!
One week Daddy is home and they get used to it ...
(and they love it!!)
and then, BAM!
He's gone again.
Then home again.
Then gone again.
Then home again.
Then gone again.
For three years.
You get the picture, right? ;)
Basically, it just stinks!
(as do ALL deployments - military spouses are pretty much rock stars)
and you see, these two little monkeys are still a little too young to understand why...
"Daddy go fly again? Daddy fly home soon?" are questions I hear WAY too often.
They break my mama heart more than just a little bit ...
So when SEVERAL of my friends started posting pictures on Facebook of their kids with Daddy Dolls, I was intrigued ... I knew it would be something that my boys would LOVE! They love looking at pictures of "daddy" when he's gone - and this was so much better! This they could carry around with them, take to bed with them, hug after they got shots.

So I ordered two ...
Our Daddy Doll's arrived very quickly! Honestly, it took me longer to convince my husband to pose for the picture than it did for our Daddy Doll's to arrive! ;) The quality is amazing (it's not just a picture printed on some fabric)! They are made with so much love.

But the TRUE test was the boys ...

and they are smitten!
They have two different size options ...

I chose the large one for my {almost} three year old and the smaller one for my {almost}18 month old. They also have an optional voice recorder, which I think is really cool!
My favorite part is the fabric options on the back! You know I love fabric!
I chose a basic red, white and blue but they have a TON of different fabric -- even girly colors! ;)
{oh how I need a girl!}

So guess what?!
I'm giving away one!!!!
Yup, one lucky reader will receive a gift certificate for a LARGE Daddy Doll.
{which includes shipping and fabric choice!}
Isn't that awesome?!

You can enter here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

p.s. Do you already have a Daddy Doll? I'd love to hear about your experiences!
p.p.s. - Not in the military? No problem!
I'm sure you know someone who is - this would make an AWEOMSE gift!
Don't know anyone in the military? No problem!
These are for heroes of all kinds -- Firefighters, Police Officers, etc! ;)

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  1. These are awesome, even if I don't win I will have to ordee one for lilly. She would love carrying daddy around since she already tell everyone we see that daddy is in the Navy.

  2. the daddy here works a CRAZY schedule! It can be helpful.

  3. Love Dady dolls. Have been thinking about getting them for my 3 kiddos. <3 Great giveaway! :)

  4. This would be such an amazing gift that my daughter could treasure for a lifetime!!! Crossing my fingers bc this would be a blessing

  5. Awesome giveaway and God bless your family and your hubby!!! Thank you for the giveaway and his service also!!

  6. I am sure my 2 year old son would love this! Daddy is away TDY for the next three months and he misses him all the time.

  7. I would LOVE to get one of these for my daughter for future deployements!

  8. We're going to need 2 by summer, so it would be nice to get one for free!

  9. I was just sitting down to order daddy dolls. We have 3 children under 3 and my husband just left for Afghanistan for most of 2013. My girls miss their daddy and having these dolls would be an amazing way for them to stay connected.

  10. my hubs is about to leave for the very first time this summer. I really need to get one of these prior to his big D!

  11. I'd be giving it to my son Luke :-D


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