Saturday, January 26, 2013

Make It: {Yummy} Green Smoothie

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram -
then you have probably noticed all the "green smoothie" I've been posting! :)
I know, they look GROSS!
But I promise they are SOOO good! ;)
and they are SO good for you!
Let me start by staying that I am in NO WAY a health freak. I would rather eat a double cheeseburger over a salad any day of the week ... but the fruit and yoghurt totally overpowers the spinach - and you really can't taste it! These work perfect for me - because there is no other way I would eat an entire cup of spinach or fruit for breakfast! ;)
So are you brave enough to try one?
Here's what you need:
1 cup of Fresh organic baby Spinach
1 cup of Frozen Fruit (I like the one with mango, pineapple & peaches)
{I also add fresh blueberries or strawberries when I have them}
1 Light & Fit Yoghurt (any flavor)
.5 cup of Trop50 Orange Juice (less sugar than regular)
2 Tsp of Raw FlaxSeed
Combine it all in your mason jar! :)

and blend away ...

(add more OJ/water if needed)
Preppy Mom Tip: A mason jar fits perfectly on {most} blenders!
 It's kind of awesome because you only dirty one glass.
and there you have it ... 
a delicious Green Smoothie!
I PROMISE it tastes better than it looks!!
 There are also SO many different varieties - bananas would be delicious (but my son is allergic so we leave them out). You could use ice and water instead of OJ if you want it to be even less calories! You could add Whey Protein Power. The sky is the limit!
So are you a smoothie fan?
What's your favorite combo?
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