Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Make it: Portable Ironing Board

 I am slowly getting my "craft corner" in order ...
I can't wait to show you!!
and since I only get ONE wall of the playroom -
I'm having to be really creative on space!
I do have a large closet, so that's very helpful in organizing my stuff -
but when it comes to 'work space' - I'm pretty limited!
So when I saw this old school "media cart" for sale on Craigslist -- it had to be mine.

It was only $15 and in really great shape!!!
 I knew it would be perfect for portable storage.
and the best part?

These outlets!!
A DIY girl can NEVER have too many outlets! ;)

So then I decided to turn the "top" into a solid surface --
(using scrap wood from my pile)
one that doubles as an Ironing Board! *YAY*
I had all the supplies laying around -- scrap plywood, batting and fabric!

I simply wrapped the plywood (that I cut to size) like a present with some thermal batting, regular batting and Fabric!
I found that spray glue worked best to keep it from shifting.
and then used my staple gun for the sides! 
Flip it over -- and that's it! ;)
A portable ironing board surface!

This cart has proven to be WAY better than I originally planned.
It holds my Silhouette, my Iron, and SO much more -- 
plus it gives me the extra work space needed for projects ...
and then when I'm done, I just slide it back in the closet - out of the way.

This idea could work for several items, even without the cart.
You could "upholster" any flat surface in your craft room to turn it into an ironing board.
A lazy susan would also be cool and very easy to move around!

So what are you going to turn into an ironing board?
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  1. Wow!! That is such a great use for that cart!! Love the fabric for the top! You're so creative!!


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