Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Repurposed TV Console turned Buffet Bar

 I love a good Road kill Recue!
{and this just may be my favorite!}
Picture this ... it's starting to rain, we're driving down the road and I see this bad boy sitting pretty on the curb. {Please tell me I'm not the only one that loves Big Trash Wednesday?} I scream at my husband to slam on the breaks and I hop out before the car is fully stopped ... I make my husband get out because it's SUPER heavy (as in solid wood heavy -- holla!!) and load it in the back of the swagga wagon! Did I mention that he was SO embarrassed!? ;) He was! But it ended up being pretty sweet -- it was handmade in a little town south of OKC by an old woodworker!
{They don't  make things like they used too!}
So here she is BEFORE:
Not the prettiest thing you've ever seen, huh? ;)
but I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her ... ;)
 I headed to Lowe's and grabbed 4 Legs + 4 Leg Brackets.
I drilled them in each corner ...
and then screwed in all four legs!
{I love how these legs look a little Mid-Century!}
A little primer + Oops $5 Teal Paint ... 
and I had this beauty ...
Yay! The perfect Bar/Buffet. 
{with the world's ugliest kitchen tile - boo!!}

It serves several purposes for us ...
The under-cabinet wine bottle mount fits perfectly on the top shelf to hold wine bottles ...
 and then I ordered some wine glass holders off Amazon for the inside cabinets! :)  
 {hidden away from little, clumsy fingers ...}

The top shelf holds some of my cookbooks ...
 and the bottom basket holds our summer, outdoor plasticware!

I also added the same hardware as our cabinets --
 and used the same Oops Paint as my DIY Console Table.

What do you think??
 and just because I love a good BEFORE and AFTER ...
here they are side by side --

So what have you rescued from the trash lately?
What would you have done with this awesome piece?

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  1. Love the color, it looks awesome!

    1. thanks Dee! I love the Oops $5 section at Lowe's!

  2. Your so funny! My husband would probably kill me if I bought someone else's trash home lol! Great job!!

    1. Haha! ;) He's pretty much used to it by now! The other day he even stopped (by himself) and grabbed me an awesome bench! He knows to trust me now, LOL!

  3. This is so amazing!! My neighbors house was vacant and the owners came and cleaned it out because they ended ut selling it. I was scoping the curb all last week!!! There was a really neat buffet I ALMOST went and salvaged but it was missing a door. :( I watched sadly as the garbage truck crushed it. :(:(:(

  4. What type of primer did you use? Was it real wood? Love the transformation!

  5. What a great idea with the wine bottle storage rack. Love.


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