Monday, February 11, 2013

Toddler Fun: Pom Pom Bath

It's time for another Toddler approved activity! ;)
If your house is anything like mine ... sometimes there are melt downs days.
Days where the ONLY thing that keeps you sane and your kids alive --
{yup, even it's 1:00 in the afternoon!}
But this ain't your grandma's bath ...
this is WAY more fun!
This involves Pom Pom's - some with sparkles! ;) 
{these were just ones we had in our craft closet but you can buy a big bag at the Dollar Store}
I just dumped them all in the bath ...
 the boys were SO excited!!
 Wild Man immediately started collecting them in his cup ...
and then lining them up.
 We talked about patterns, colors and sizes.
Then they started throwing them! ;)
and then Wild Man started putting them in his "boat" (aka muffin pan) to save them.
We also added bubbles and had a "scavenger hunt" ...
The boys seriously LOVED this activity --
{just FYI - Wild Man is three and Little H is 18 months old}
and the best part is that the pom pom balls dry out -
so you can re-use them for next time! ;)
We've played with them every night this week!
So what's your favorite bath time activity?
Have you tried DIY Bathtub Paint?
Here's an old post I did about that ...
(click here for link)
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