Thursday, May 23, 2013

3 Things Thursday.

I'm thinking about starting a new little "series" --
called Three Things Thursday.
I'll post about any random three things.
Maybe it's a picture I took of the kiddos,
maybe it's a store I love to shop,
maybe it's an item I can't live without.
Every week they'll be different -
depending what's on my mind.
So let's get started, shall we?
1. The human heart after disaster strikes.
We currently live in Moore, OK and if you've been watching the news at all - you know we were recently hit with a HUGE tornado. The devastation is tremendous - houses everywhere are leveled - people have lost everything - parents have lost their children. It's just terrible - I really can't even believe how bad it truly is. But all around you can find the good. When disaster strikes, people pull together. Shelters and hot meals are provided, needs are met and people are truly loved. We the people become the hands & feet of Jesus. We stick together. It's amazing to hear the stories of survival. The stories of generosity. The stories of strength.
2. Later Alligator Boutique
You can find them here on Facebook.
I LOVE the idea of finding amazing fabulous PREPPY clothes for a fabulous price! I also love being able to shop a "consignment" sale without having to load my crazies in the car and scrounge through racks! At Later Alligator Boutique I can shop from my living room - while my kids are asleep and I'm catching up on Nashville. I just ordered some ADORABLY PREPPY Gap shorts for little H! :) Go check it out! You won't be disappointed!
3. San Diego.
We just got back from a 6 day Family Vacation to Southern California. We visited some of our best friends, went to the zoo, Sea World, Temecula, the beach. It was all SO amazing and SO beautiful. Dear Navy - please send us to San Diego. pretty please?
What are 3 things you are loving today?

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  1. Im assuming your house is okay?! wow, i bet flying back was an interesting ride and seeing your town. Could you pass on some reliable info as to where people can donate...

    I lived in LA for several years..and i love san Diego too..Temecula is gorgeous but hot! tons of good wine :)

  2. Hello there! So I blog over at Michelle Lea Designs and I think our husbands are in the same squadron :) and we are in Moore too!! So happy to find another blogger Navy wife.


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