Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2nd Birthday: Pirate Party

This little peanut just turned two ... 
Time really does go by SO fast! 

He LOVES Pirates -- 
so of course we decided to have a Pirate Party! 

Note: I made the number 2 Embroidered Pirate Shirt -
if you are interested in purchasing custom birthday shirts - come visit me on Facebook!

There was a little birthday location drama --
I booked a local Pirate-themed splash park - but the day before I went to visit,
and it was DISGUSTING. I will spare you all the yucky details -- 
but I canceled our reservation at the park and we hurried along with Plan B.

Our house.
We didn't have time to do much outdoors ... 

at the last minute we rented the bounce house and tables & chairs!
The tent was a Lowe's purchase two years ago ($80) and we've used it TONS.
The banner is from Hobby Lobby and the balls were Target clearance after 4th of July!
The table cloths are just fabric that I bought at Hobby Lobby - didn't even hem, just threw them on. I've since used the fabric for the boys nap mats - so it wasn't a waste! ;) 

Upon arriving -- every kid received a goodie bag with a pirate hat, eye patch, sword, pirate tattoo, necklace and some chocolate treasure. (ordered everything from Amazon).

The party was at 10 am ... so we served Brunch.
Brunch food is super affordable and every body likes it.
It's also super easy -- and doesn't require a ton of cooking! ;) 
Win, Win, Win. ;) 

I just did a variety -- Donuts, Donut Holes, Lucky Charms Cereal, Muffins, Quiche, Fruit Cups, Yoghurt Shakes for kids, Yoghurt bar for adults, Pop Tarts and gold fish. 

Since most of our friends are blessed with kids that SLEEP IN ...
{how do they get so lucky?}
We had lots of coffee and mimosas to wake everyone up!
P.S. Those Starbucks Party Packs are AWESOME for parties.
They cost about $15 and serve about 15 adults -- totally worth it.  
We also had orange juice, juice boxes and water for the kiddos. 

Let me tell you something friends ...
unless you own a bakery - or just LOVE to bake ...
store bought cupcakes/cakes are where it's at.
I bought 24 cupcakes and a tiny striped "smash cake" from a local bakery!
Then I made them cute by adding DIY Cupcake Toppers 
and a plastic Pirate Ship from the playroom. 
so easy, so delicious, so stress-free! 

I never do much in the form of "party entertainment" ... 
For kids this age (toddlers) -- the bounce house and outdoor toys are normally enough ...

However, we did play one game! 
Pin the mustache on the pirate! 
Party classic - the kids loved it. 
I also picked up two prizes at the Dollar Store - one boy winner, one girl winner. 

 The party was SO much fun, a little HOT, but still fun! 

and the most important part ... 
Little H had a blast! ;)  
For day he kept asking if it was his "birthday time" again. 

I'll share tomorrow how I did all the DIY projects ... 
Cupcake Toppers, Water Labels, Pirate Game, etc. 
So come check back! 

and here's a post I wrote for his 1st birthday last year!
and his first birthday banner!

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  1. We had so much fun, thanks for having us!

  2. love this..and been thinking of doing a pirate party for his 2nd... can't wait to see your future posts on "how to" :)

  3. This is SO cute! My little one is turning two soon and I will definitely be using some of your ideas!! Thanks so much! ;-)


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