Friday, September 13, 2013

Trick to {SIMPLE} Water Bottle Labels!

I {adore} water bottle labels ...
I just think they are such a fun way to personalize a party!
A fun little touch that goes the extra mile. 
Only problem -- sometimes they can seem like they take an extra 45 miles.
Or cost an extra 45 Dollars.

No bueno. I need quick & cheap. ;) 

I've made several different kinds of labels over the years ...

I've made "traditional" ones ... 
where you print the labels and then cover them with clear tape.
But I think those take FOREVER and isn't necessarily that cost effective.
{ink is expensive!}
(see more Mustache Bash pics here)

I've also made some using a circle punch and some hot glue.
These are super simple & cute but still require a lot of printer ink.
(see more Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday here.)

So this is my NEW favorite way!

The trick?

Seriously y'all. It's genius.
Duct Tape now comes in SOOOO many patterns and it's water proof! :)
(and it's less than $3 with a coupon)
and you just wrap and go ... easy peesy cheapy breezy! 
My perfect kind of project. 

Simple, right?

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