Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Make your Own SNOW PAINT!

I know it's been awhile since I've actually blogged ...
but it's been a little crazy around here! 
I'm pretty sure it has to do with these three ...
Yup ... THREE!
Sweet Thatcher is here and I'm slowly adjusting to my new normal.
Three boys. Three and under. 
with a husband that is always deploying.
Pray for me, my friends! ;) 

Oh and we're also snowed in right now.
and the boys (and I) were getting cabin fever.
So we braved the cold today and went outside.
and we painted the snow --
and it was pretty awesome. 
and the boys LOVED it.
and it was SOOOOOOOO ridiculously easy.
So I just HAD to log in and share it with you quick.

Especially since it looks like the majority of the country is experiencing winter weather! :)

Except Florida of course. 
but we hate florida, haha. {kidding, kidding}

So here goes ...

First you need some kind of squeeze bottle.

I used these Mini Wilton ones that I bought at Michaels (because I plan on using them tomorrow to decorate cookies for a playgroup I'm hosting). but you could also use water bottles with a squeeze top, mustard squeeze things for picnics, whatever you have on hand basically.

 Now are you ready for this? It's SO simple and quick.
(and "simple" in the world of my impatient kiddos is pretty much GOLDEN!)
 Fill your squeeze bottles with water and add some drops of food coloring.

That's it. 

Now admire these beauties for the two seconds that your kids let you...

 Bundle up those cabin fevered, impatient cuties.

Take that paint outside ...

and start creating those masterpieces ... 

Then come back inside and warm those cold hands by the fire! :)

Note: This entertained my kids (3.5 and 2) for about 45 minutes. It would have probably entertained them longer but a) they were cold and b) I was getting tired of re-filling the bottles every two seconds. SO if you have them -- bigger squeeze bottles would be better for your little aspiring snow Picasso. I did about 4-6 drops of food coloring for each bottle. However for the blue, 1-2 drops is plenty. Otherwise it starts to turn black. We also tried purple - it didn't really work for us, but I'm terrible at mixing colors, haha. You'll probably have better luck.

If you try this, I'd LOVE to see pictures!
You can find us HERE on Facebook!
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  1. Congrats on your newest addition.Your boys are ADORABLE. I kept coming back to see if you'd updated about his birth:)
    We're off to play in the snow today...we did some snow art last week too.



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