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4 Tips for a Successful Vendor Event

4 Tips for a Successful Vendor Event 

1. First Impressions. 

Statistically, you have a seven second window to make a first impression. 
That's it - just seven seconds, so let's make them good!

Two things play into first impressions at a vendor event -- YOU and your BOOTH!

Let's talk about YOU!

 "The Big Day" Outfit - What you wear is important. Don't let anyone tell you differently. 

You want to appropriately represent your brand -- YOU are your brand - dress like it! If your brand is super casual and laid back -- then wear a cute hat with your company name/logo and a cute t-shirt. I sell LipSense -- I want to look professional and knowledgeable and I always wear the same outfit to events - a Red "lips" shirt with a cotton leopard blazer. Imagine if I wasn't wearing any make-up, looked a hot mess and dressed like a bum? Would you want to buy makeup products from me? No way! But most importantly, you need to look approachable -- wear a smile! :) "You're never fully dressed without a smile", right? That's actually great advice and very true when it comes to events! Check yourself -- "RBF" is a big deterrent! lol.
Now, let's talk about your BOOTH! 

              STAND OUT! You don't want to blend into the dark backdrops of all the other booths! 
Showcase your Business! You want a large sign that people can see from a distance with easy to read fonts. I didn't want to invest a ton of money into vendor events, so I designed a graphic using the free program Canva and then had it printed for cheap via Vistaprint. I built a very inexpensive "sign stand" out of PVC pipe, spray painted it gold and used velcro to attach it! It worked great and is very easy to transport and store! 


      B&W Stripe & Leopard Photo Boxes + Cake Stand
Height is your friend! If you just have one table -- use it wisely! You need to add height to showcase all of your products! My favorite, inexpensive hack is to use the "Photo Holder Boxes". I get mine from Hobby Lobby - they come in really awesome prints and patterns (as well as solids like black and white) and they cost $2.00 when on sale! Added bonus -- they allow you to store things in them while transporting to the event! I also love to use cake plates -- Hobby Lobby has acrylic ones for $9.99 ($6 after 40% coupon) and I spray paint the bottom gold! It makes an awesome, inexpensive display! The Dollar Store has tons of different size clear acrylic picture frames! Create graphics in Canva that mimic your signs and display them around your table! 

Color Coordinate!! You want your booth to match your branding! My business cards combine Leopard with Black and white -- so I used those in my booth! I "splurged" and bought a fitted solid colored tablecloth from Amazon. It cost less than $15 and gives my booth such a professional look! Then I layer different "tablecloths" (aka, cheap fabric from Hobby Lobby) using gold or leopard to tie in my business design. Lightboxes are also AMAZING! You can totally personalize them! 

Shop your House! It's tempting to want to go out and buy all new things, but you'll be amazed at the things you have laying around that make amazing display pieces! Remember, we want to make money - not spend it all before it starts! :) 
The Power of Spray Paint! A can of spray paint is the perfect way to transform everyday items from drab to fab! I basically keep a can of gold metallic spray paint in my garage at all times! 
2. Draw People in! 

So now we've got ourselves looking good ;) -- 
we've got our Booth looking AMAZING -- 
now we need to draw the people in to purchase! 

Here are few things that help draw people in ...

Free Candy! 
People love FREE and everyone loves Candy!


Photo Booth!
This is a fun one!! I built a simple PVC Pipe Photo Booth Stand, ordered a gold sequin backdrop, bought some cheap props off Amazon and voila! 

It brought so many people of all ages by my booth! 

3. Get them to buy.

The people are at your booth -- now what do you do? 
How do you get them to purchase rather than just look?

My Favorite is the dice game! I bring large dice -- let people roll them and each number 1-6 coordinates to a specific discount that they can use right then! Remember, you want people to purchase NOW - not later - so encourage them! 

Contests and Giveaways!
I normally take everyone's email address and then later that evening, I draw a name for a Free item (in my case, a LipSense gloss) or a Free Gift! I do the drawing LIVE in my group! This benefits me because I get them to join my group -- and also because I get their email addresses -- so I can add them to my MailChimp News flyer or Sales Ad when I send those out and potentially gain some long term customers! 

*This is LipSense specific - but by giving away a gloss - they usually buy a color! Win Win!

Free Gift with Purchase!
I also do a FREE gift with purchase over $50. 

I do this instead of giving event discounts -- 
it's much more cost effective to buy a few $1 make up bags, mirrors, etc! 

4. Back for more! 

They purchased! Now what?
You want to create repeat customers! 

Make sure that all your "wrapping" has your Logo and that you give them a business card!
I also like to add to a little "coupon" or discount for a future purchase! Most likely, they know a lot of people that sell whatever product you're selling -- convince them to choose you! I pre-assembled my packaging before the event and all I had to do was stick the LipSense in there! Quick and Cute!

I also like to add a little sticker and sign that says ...
"Take a Selfie - Post it in my group and get 10% off your next purchase"

A few more things to keep in mind ... 

Unfortunately, bad people are everywhere and people will steal. Make sure that your product is protected. I use clear acrylic drawers (dollar store) -- it allows people to see what product I have -- but the drawers (where they open) are behind the table so they don't have access to taking my product.

*The picture on the left is the view the customer's see -- the right is the view I see behind the table!

Set up a TRY IT ON station! If you sell clothing -- bring a "dressing room". If you sell make-up, set up a table where people can actually try it on! People want to experience what they are buying first!

To the right of my booth, I set up a "try it before you buy it" table. 
See it back there? I created a sort of "U shape" ... 
photo booth on the left, booth in the middle, "try it" station on the right.

I used a 4ft table with two "stations" -- 
each chair had a mirror, trash can and instructions on how to apply LipSense!
This also helped keep the front of my booth clear and available to new people walking by. 

Before the event, I pre-assembled "demo kits" which included a little baggy with 4 disposable wands and a glossy sample. This made it much easier to hand out while I was busy with other customers.

My best advice?
Learn from your mistakes -- tweak it and try something different the next time! 
Take what you like, leave what you don't! 
It's YOUR business -- do it YOUR way!

Are you interested in learning more about LipSense?

Would you LOVE to have a job where you make your own hours?
Would you LOVE to have a job where you can work from anywhere?

I would LOVE to tell you about how a simple $55 investment changed my life!


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