Preppy Mom

Hi, I'm Whitney -- the girl behind this blog!

I'm mom to two adorable little boys:
Wild Man 
and Little H.

I'm the wife of a Navy Pilot.

and I'm the preppy mom!
and this is my Diary -
my collection of ramblings on motherhood,
 life as a Navy wife,
my adventures in sewing, crafting & decorating --
basically anything I can get done in the two hours a day that the boys nap.
If they nap. 

and no matter what I'm doing -
I'm wearing my pearls.  ;)


  1. Hi Whitney. I wanted you to know that you were my inspiration for creating my own 'decorating/mom' blog this month. I find you to be so relatable and your family is adorable. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

  2. Finding your Blog made my day!!! Thank you! Instant FAN!!!


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